Why does ionic radius decrease down a group?

Why does ionic radius decrease down a group?

Ionic radii decreases across a period. ... In a group, all the ions have the same charge as they have the same valency (that is, the same number of valence electrons on the highest energy level sub-orbital). Therefore, ionic radii increase down a group as more shells are added (per period).

What is ionic size trend?

The ionic radius is the distance between the nucleus and the electron in the outermost shell of an ion. ... The trend observed in size of ionic radii is due to shielding of the outermost electrons by the inner-shell electrons so that the outer shell electrons do not “feel” the entire positive charge of the nucleus.

Which is the correct increasing order of ionic radius?

Solution : Ionic radii increases down the group and decreases from left to right in a period.

Which has largest atomic radius?


Which has the largest radius O or O 2?

O2is larger than O because the increase in electron repulsions that accompany addition of an electron causes the electron cloud to expand. O2is larger than O because O is neutral but O2has a charge 2−. ... S2− is larger than O2− because for particles with like charges, size increases going down a family.

Which ion is larger Cu+ or Cu2+?

Cu+ is larger than Cu2+. Cu2+ has a smaller cationic radius due to stronger hold of the nucleus on the remaining 27 electrons after the loss of two as compared to Cu+ where only one electron is lost and the hold of nucleus is less.

Which is bigger F or F?

F-1 is bigger because it has one more electron than F, therefor making it bigger.

Which is larger He or H?

Answers and Replies Helium has smaller radius than hydrogen because in helium the electrons are attracted by a larger nuclear charge that is not fully "screened" by the electron-electron interaction.

Which has a larger atomic radius S or S2?

(ii) Explain why the radius of the S2- ion is larger than the radius of the S atom. The nuclear charge is the same for both species, but the eight valence electrons in the sulfide ion experience a greater amount of electron-electron repulsion than do the six valence electrons in the neutral sulfur atom.

Is BR 1 or Br bigger?

Br - will have the largest atomic size because Br- has one extra electron in its valence shell which due to its unbalanced negative charge will be repelled and hence the atomic radius of Br- will increase. ... Explanation - when Br gain an electron then one electron in Br increases and this lead to increase in atomic size.

Which is larger K+ or S2?

K+ has 19 protons while S2- only has 16. Due to the larger nuclear charge, K+ must necessarily be smaller (as the attraction towards the nucleus is greater). K must be bigger because you are just starting to fill the 4th shell, while S2- only has electrons in 3 shells.

Is KR bigger than Br?

Br- has to be larger than Kr because it has one less proton, hence electron repulsion is more pronounced.

What is the ionic radius of Br?

185 pm

What is the atomic radius of CS?

343 pm

Why does the atomic radius decrease as electrons are added to a shell?

Atomic radius decrease as electrons are added to a shell because as number of electrons increase number of protons also increase. it increases the interionic force as positive charges increase . thus it pulls the shells towards nucleus of atom leading to decrease in size of atomic radius.

Which arrangement is correct for increasing atomic radius?

1 Answer. Stefan V. According to the periodic trend in atomic size, radius size increases when going down a group and decreases when going from left to right across a period.

Does Li or F have the larger atomic radius?

4. Explain, in terms of nuclear charge and number of principle energy levels, why Fluorine has a SMALLER atomic radius than lithium? Fluorine has a smaller radius than lithium because of the greater positive charge of the nucleus, pulling electrons and the electron shells in closer.

Which is bigger Al3+ or P3?

The Al3+ ion has an electron arrangement of 2,8 ie two filled electron energy levels. The third electron energy level is further away from the nucleus than the second and so the P3- ion is the larger ion.

What is the correct order of radii in the following?

The correct order of radii is F−> Amine.