How many reports on indigenous education did William Adam publish?

How many reports on indigenous education did William Adam publish?

Adam worked hard for three years from 1835-1838 and submitted three reports.

What did Adam's report observe about education in Bengal and Bihar?

Answer. William Adam was a Scottish missionary who created a report on the education system of Bengal and Bihar. According to his report, the local schools did not have any benches or chairs and there were not any annual exams either. ... There was no curriculum, and teachers decided whatever they wanted to teach.

What was the education system of pathshala?

The pathshalas followed a flexible system of education. There were no fixed fee, no printed book, no separate building, no benches or chairs, no system of separate classes, no rollcall registers, no regular examinations and no regular time-table. ... Fee depended on the income of parents.

What was a pathshala?

The pathshala was an open air institution having no paraphernalia like permanent structures, furniture and staff. A pathshala carried no name. It was usually known to people by the name of the guru who ran it. The pupils sat on the ground./span>

What were the motives of British educational policy?

The motives of British education policies were : to create a civilized nation and promote western style learning. to create a amrket for British goods. It was believed that when people will learn about Britain they will be damaning more for the exported goods./span>

What were the Pathshalas What did the pupils learn in them?

What did the pupils learn in them? Pathashalas were the schools which held class in open or in a room or in a private house. Only boys were sent to the Pathashalas. The pupils mainly learnt religious and mythological stories and arithmetical tables./span>

What is e pathshala app?

ePathshala is a portal/app developed by the CIET, and NCERT. ... The platform offers a slew of educational resources, including NCERT textbooks for classes 1-12, audio-visual resources by NCERT, periodicals, supplements, teacher training modules and a variety of other print and non-print materials.

Which app is best for Ncert books?

List of Best apps for NCERT books for Android & iOS:-

  • NCERT Books (Philoid)
  • NCERT Books & Solutions.
  • NCERT Hindi Books & Solution.
  • NCERT Books, NCERT Solutions.
  • NCERT Book & Solutions 5-12 offline app.
  • ePathshala.

WHO launched e pathshala?

All India Football Federation (AIFF) has launched the web platform “E-Pathshala” in partnership with the Sports Authority of India (SAI)./span>

Is ePathshala free?

About ePathshala Online Portal Students who have registered to the ePathshala online portal or mobile app can access educational material, including textbooks, audio, video, periodicals and a variety of other print and non-print materials that too free of cost. There are no charges to access the e-learning resource./span>

How can I download ePathshala on my laptop?

Step 3: Now search for ePathshala App on Google playstore. Find the official App from NCERT developer and click on the Install button. Step 4: Upon successful installation, you can find ePathshala on the home screen of MEmu Play./span>

What is khelo India e pathshala?

Khelo India e-Pathshala is an e-learning platform provided under the aegis of Khelo India, in collaboration with various National Sports Federations to impart a multi-level, standardized training to PE Teachers and Sports Coaches with Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to become a qualified Sports Coach in the chosen ...

How can I download Ncert books and Solutions app on my laptop?

Steps to Install NCERT app on PC Emulator

  1. Download any Android emulator from the above link.
  2. Install it on your Windows or Mac Laptop.
  3. Open Emulator and search for Play Store App.
  4. Open Google Play Store app and search "NCERT"
  5. Download any NCERT App from the above links.
  6. Open the app and enjoy Learning.

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