How many hoysala tokens are there?

How many hoysala tokens are there?

11 Hoysala Tokens

How many tokens are in uncharted Lost Legacy?

11 tokens

Where are all the tokens in uncharted Lost Legacy?

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Hoysala Token locations

  • Hoysala Token 1. Leave the jeep at the gates, run through the gateway then head right through another open door. ...
  • Hoysala Token 3. The third Hoysala Token can be found north east of the second one. ...
  • Hoysala Token 5. The next Token on your list can be found at the bottom of the map near a large bridge. ...
  • Hoysala Token 9.

What is Queen's Ruby Uncharted?

Queen's Ruby is a special artifact that can be picked up in chapter four (The Western Ghats) of Uncharted: Lost Legacy. It stands out from other secrets, as the Ruby can be utilized as a treasure notificator - the item sends out a short signal each time you're nearby a treasure.

How do you ring the bell in uncharted Lost Legacy?

To access this token, you need to shoot the bells to ring them in a specific order. After sounding the bell next to the barred door, turn around and quickly shoot the others in the following order: The barred door will then open to reveal the token.

How long is uncharted The Lost Legacy?

10 hours

How many chapters are in uncharted Lost Legacy?

seven chapters