What happened to Natalie Cole son?

What happened to Natalie Cole son?

Robert Yancy, son of the late R&B singer Natalie Cole, died suddenly at age 39 from coronary artery disease, the final autopsy report obtained by the Daily News confirmed. The Los Angeles County Coroner ruled Yancy's August death an "accident" and listed "amphetamine exposure" as a contributing factor.

What happened to Nat King Cole's first wife?

Cole met his first wife, Nadine Robinson, while they were on tour for the all-black Broadway musical Shuffle Along. He was 18 when they married. She was the reason he moved to Los Angeles and formed the Nat King Cole trio. This marriage ended in divorce in 1948.

Why did Nat King Cole sing in Spanish?

He obviously had to fight racism all of his life, and perhaps part of the reason he wanted to record in other languages was to extend that fight on some level. Two years before his first Spanish language recording he went to Cuba to perform at the Tropicana.

What was Nat King Cole's biggest hit?

Nat King Cole's Greatest Songs features these performances:

  • “Unforgettable”
  • “Mona Lisa”
  • “Too Young”
  • “Nature Boy”
  • “When I Fall In Love”
  • “Pretend”
  • Ramblin' Rose
  • “Send For Me”

Who made the song unforgettable famous?

Irving Gordon

Why is Nat King Cole important?

Nat King Cole was born a hundred years ago today. He was one of the most influential entertainers of the 20th century. He topped the charts year after year, selling more than 50 million records. He helped push jazz piano in a new direction.

Why did Nat King Cole smoke?

A KOOL menthol cigarette smoker, he would often smoke several cigarettes in a row before recording his songs. He believed they helped keep his deep, crooning voice low. He smoked approximately three packs of cigarettes a day.

Is Natalie Cole still performing?

Cole died from congestive heart failure on Decem in Los Angeles. She was 65.

When did Kelly Cole die?

24 October 1995

How old is Nat Kelly Cole?

36 years (1959–1995)

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