How did the Hittites contribute to cultural diffusion?

How did the Hittites contribute to cultural diffusion?

How did the Hittites contribute to cultural diffusion of early Mesopotamian culture and ideas, and what was one of their important technological advances? The Hittites had learned to get iron from ore, but they wanted to keep it to themselves. ... They also respected the cultures and gods of other beliefs.

What helped the Hittite military thrive?

It cause the growth and dominance of the Hittite empire but when other empires gained the knowledge of making steel weapons, the Hittites were not only defeated but destroyed. Their primary advantages were the use of Iron over bronze for weapons and tools and the use of Heavy Chariots in battle.

Are the Hittites Greek?

One of a group of Indo-European speaking peoples intrusive to Anatolia, the Hittites rose from a modest city state to establish first a kingdom on the central plateau and then an empire that fought with the kings of Babylon and Assyria, the Hurrians, and the pharaohs of Egypt for control of SE Anatolia, Syria and ...

Is Armenia older than Greece?

Armenia's culture is older than Europe, it is older than Greece or Rome. ... By this count, the USA is 220 years old, France is 15 X older then the USA, Egypt 36 X older and the earliest civilizations we know about (including ancestral Armenians) are 100 X older than the USA.

What is the oldest civilization still in existence?

The Sumerian civilization is the oldest civilization known to mankind. The term Sumer is today used to designate southern Mesopotamia. In 3000 BC, a flourishing urban civilization existed. The Sumerian civilization was predominantly agricultural and had community life.

Which is oldest country in the world?