How can I complain to police in Karnataka online?

How can I complain to police in Karnataka online?

  1. Log on to the website
  2. Click on Online Complaints.
  3. Below is the Online Complaint Form.
  4. Upon filling the form, Complaint gets registered.
  5. Complaint Ticket No will be sent automatically to the recipient.

How can I file FIR online in Bangalore?

Please use the new method as the old system seems not working properly.

  1. Step 1: Visit the Website of Bengaluru Police
  2. Step 3: Click on e-Lost Report (app) web portal.
  3. Step 3: Click on Lost Lodge Report.
  4. Step 4: If you are a new user Click on New User.
  5. Step 5: Select preferred Language from Top.

How many police are there in Bangalore?

Each zone is further divided into three sub-divisions, each headed by an Assistant Commissioner of Police. Each sub-division consists of several police stations controlled by a Police inspector....Bangalore City Police.
Bangalore City Police ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು ನಗರ ಪೊಲೀಸ್

How do you become a CI in police?

(1) The age of the candidate should be at least 21 years and maximum 44 years. (2) The candidate should have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university. (3) The candidate should have passed the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Public Service Commission.

What are the different ranks in police?

Sworn Police Officer Class Titles and Job Descriptions

  • Police Officer. Police Officers comprise the largest number of sworn officers in the Department. ...
  • Police Detective. ...
  • Police Sergeant. ...
  • Police Lieutenant. ...
  • Police Captain. ...
  • Police Commander. ...
  • Police Deputy Chief.

Who is higher than a sheriff?

The sheriff is the top ranking officer in the department and is almost always an elected official. The assistant sheriff or under-sheriff is the next in line of police ranks in the department, followed by division chief, captain, lieutenant, sergeant, corporal and deputy.

What does 4 stars on a police uniform mean?

The Chief of Police is denoted by the four silver stars on the uniform insignia. The Chief of Police is the highest ranking officer in the agency and is considered the department head.

Do military outrank police?

No. US military can't operate on our soil in a law enforcement capability unless special provisions are met- martial law declared, a disaster, or other state of emergency.

How much money does a police sergeant make a year?

The average police sergeant makes about $71,534 per year. That's $34.

Do police chiefs report to Mayor?

In the strong-mayor form of government, the police chief reports to the mayor, so the mayor has the final decision on the selection of the new chief. In the council-manager form of government, the chief reports to the city manager.

Who is above the police chief?

All of the officers, detectives, sergeants, lieutenants, commanders, and the deputy chief report to the police chief. Within the department, the chief of police does not report to anyone; however, the chief is ultimately responsible for the department and must report to the mayor and city officials.

Who can remove a police chief?

Board of Police Commissioners

How many stars do police chiefs wear?


Who is in charge of the police?

The chief of police (COP) is the highest-ranking officer in the police department. As the general manager or CEO of the police department, the COP is responsible for the planning, administration, and operation of the police department.

Who is the head of all police?

Praveen Sood

Which police is best in world?

One of the best police forces in Europe is the Metropolitan Police Service (Met) or Scotland Yard, responsible for law enforcement in Greater London. They ranked #1 in's “best police forces in the world” list. The Met was founded in 1829 and has a very good track record.

Which state is best police in India?


Which state is most safe in India?

It registered 59,853 cases. Rajasthan came second with 41,550 cases. And Maharashtra ranked third with 37,144 cases. Police state that better and efficient policing is one of the reasons why Kolkata has become the safest city for women.

Which state police has highest salary in India?

So far, Punjab has been paying its police constabulary the best salary in the country in the range of Rs 3,120 per month. The state's decision to hike the police constables was cleared by the cabinet on Monday; the raise in their salaries is in the range of Rs 3,200 to 4,900 per month.

Who is best police in India?

Top 10 police stations of India for 2020 announced
2AWPS- SuramangalamTamil Nadu
3KharsangArunachal Pradesh
4Jhilmili (Bhaiya Thana)Chhattisgarh

Which city police is best in India?

Government announces list of 10 best performing police stations in India

  1. Nongpok Sekmai (Thoubal, Manipur)
  2. AWPS-Suramangalam (Salem, Tamil Nadu)
  3. Kharsang (Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh)
  4. Jhilmili (Surajpur, Chhattisgarh)
  5. Sanguem (South Goa, Goa)
  6. Kalighat (North and Middle Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

Which state police is worst in India?

Within India, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Bihar have India's most inadequate police forces, according to a police adequacy index computed by the Common Cause and CSDS team.

Which state police is very strict in India?

Sikkim state