Why did they replace Rachel Weisz in The Mummy?

Why did they replace Rachel Weisz in The Mummy?

Rachel Weisz did not appear in this third installment of "The Mummy" films, and instead, her character, Evy, was played by Maria Bello. ... According to director Rob Cohen, it was because Weisz refused to portray someone with a 21-year-old son. Weisz simply did not like the script enough to sign on.

Who was the pharaoh in the Mummy?

Pharaoh Seti I.

How much is Brendan Fraser worth?

Brendan Fraser is a Canadian-American actor who is known for appearing in numerous movies including 'Crash,' 'George of the Jungle,' 'Looney Tunes: Back in Action,' 'The Quiet American' and 'Encino Man. ' As of 2021, Brendan Fraser's net worth is $20 million.

What is Brendan Fraser doing nowadays?

Now 50 years old, Fraser is still seen on both the big and small screen, most recently in the Bollywood thriller Line of Descent, and in season three of The Affair, where he plays a prison guard called Gunther.

Where does Brendan Fraser live now?

His sons live with his former wife, Afton, in Greenwich, Connecticut, just across the state line from Bedford. “But they're here all the time,” Fraser says.

Does Brendan Fraser have social media?

Brendan Fraser (@brendan__fraser) • Instagram photos and videos.

How did Brendan Fraser ruin his career?

Doing his own stunts in “The Mummy” and other films also began to take a toll on his body, Fraser added. But his sense of self-worth took a huge blow when he was sexually assaulted in 2003. ... Brendan Fraser in 'George of the Jungle' in 1997. Fraser alleges to GQ that the assault happened at a luncheon held by the HFPA.

Will there be a mummy 2 with Tom Cruise?

'The Mummy' was released on J. It has been more than two years now and we haven't heard anything about the sequel. Our guess is that the sequel or another spin-off will happen at some point, but Tom Cruise may not be involved with it. The makers may have to go with a fresh slate and some younger names.

How much did Brendan Fraser make in the mummy?

He earned $10 million for Bedazzled in 2000. $12.

Who is the richest actor in the world?

The 20 Richest Actors in the World

  • Amitabh Bachchan. ...
  • Adam Sandler. Net Worth: $420 million. ...
  • Mel Gibson. Net Worth: $425 Million. ...
  • Robert De Niro. Net Worth: $500 Million. ...
  • George Clooney. Net Worth: $500 Million. ...
  • Tom Cruise. Net Worth: $570 Million. ...
  • Shah Rukh Khan. Net Worth: $600 Million. ...
  • Jami Gertz. Net Worth: $3 Billion.

Is Brendan Fraser in the suit?

Doom Patrol star Brendan Fraser has praised the actor inside of the Robotman suit. In case you didn't know, Brendan Fraser rarely appears in the Robotman suit for Doom Patrol. The character is physically played by Riley Shanahan in the DC television series.

Does robotman get upgrade?

And now, as Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #2 starts, we see Cliff rebooted once again — Robotman is back. And he's got a shiny new upgrade system to match his shiny new metal form. Like a character in a video game, Cliff's new body allows him to unlock new upgrades to his form for every good deed he performs.

Will Cyborg be in Titans?

Ray Fisher took the role in Justice League as a founding member of that team. But in these DC Universe shows, Cyborg is now portrayed by Wade. His take on the Teen Titan is a bit more mature than viewers are used to, but that fits in nicely with the Titans.

What is cyborgs real name?

Victor "Vic" Stone

Does cyborg die?

Despite being decapitated, Cyborg survived due to the technology inside him for five years and managed to send a signal to the survivors after discovering a tracker Batman had hidden inside him.

Who did cyborg marry?


Who is Cyborg girlfriend?

Sarah Simms

Who is cyborg in love with?

Sarah Simms

Why is Starfire's hair on fire?

6 Starfire's Hair Is Made Of Fire Flames Obviously, when she is just relaxing with her fighting squad, she makes sure that the flames of her hair remain tame. She doesn't let the flames get out-of-control and set everything around her on fire. ... Her bright orange hair pairs well with her purple and green!08-Aug-2020