Who discovered dinosaurs?

Who discovered dinosaurs?

Megalosaurus is believed to be the first dinosaur ever described scientifically. British fossil hunter William Buckland found some fossils in 1819, and he eventually described them and named them in 1824.

Is the megalosaurus bigger than a T Rex?

Megalosaurus Was Only One-Quarter the Size of T. For a dinosaur incorporating the Greek root "mega," Megalosaurus was a relative wimp compared to the meat-eaters of the later Mesozoic Era — only about half the length of Tyrannosaurus Rex and one-eighth of its weight.

Could a Spinosaurus really kill at Rex?

While this might be possible with a smaller organism, it's unlikely that a Spinosaurus would be able to do that with a dinosaur as robust and muscular as a T. rex. Though the Spinosaurus had an impressive bite force of 2 tons, its teeth would have been too small and dull to grab hold of a T.

Could a Spinosaurus really kill a T-Rex?

T-Rex may have been not as big, but had a much stronger bite force. When the T-Rex bit the Spinosaurus on the neck, it probably would have died. However the Spinosaurus had large arms which could claw the T-Rex before it got close enough to bite.

Can a Rex kill a Giga?

Do you think I can kill a random Giga that I happen upon? No. Wild Gigas will kill any of your tames in a straight 1v1. Even a pack of Rexs will get wiped out.

Who is bigger T Rex or Giganotosaurus?

Giganotosaurus was one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs. ... Today, Giganotosaurus is believed to have been slightly larger than T. rex, though even Giganotosaurus ranks behind Spinosaurus in size among the meat-eating dinosaurs.

What was the smartest dinosaur?


What is the most intelligent thing on earth?

human brain

What was the smartest persons IQ?

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Why did T Rex have small arms?

rex's puny, undersized arms. According to Steven Stanley, a paleontologist at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, T. rex arms were used to slash prey in close proximity to the dinosaur. ... And the short arm length was actually more beneficial for slashing, considering the size of T.

Can you bring back dinosaurs?

While dinosaur bones can survive for millions of years, dinosaur DNA almost certainly does not. But some scientists continue to search for it - just in case. So it looks like cloning a dinosaur is off the table, but an alternate way to recreate the extinct animals would be to reverse-engineer one.