What is greenhouse management?

What is greenhouse management?

Greenhouse managers are responsible for the daily operations involved with running a greenhouse or nursery. Depending upon the structure of the business you may work with the public or with possibly in a business to business arrangement. Greenhouses can be used for commercial plant purposes or in food production.

How do you maintain a greenhouse?

Wash down tables and benches with soapy water to remove dirt. Scrub and mop the floors regularly. Remove weeds and other uncontrolled plants from the area around the greenhouse. Release ladybugs and spiders into the greenhouse to control pests.

Is owning a greenhouse profitable?

And it can be profitable. One greenhouse, with 700 plants, can generate $15,000 to $20,000 per year.”

How do I protect my greenhouse from wind?

Keeping Wind Out of Your Greenhouse

  1. Glazing repair tape on both sides of overlapping panes offers extra protection against wind.
  2. Foam tape helps make a better seal when the roof vent is closed.
  3. Make temporary repairs to damaged greenhouses to keep the wind out until you can buy replacement glazing.

What is the best size greenhouse?

Size of your greenhouse It's best to go for one that's at least 6ft wide; 8ft wide will enable you to put staging (shelves) on both sides. The eaves should be at least 1.

How long do plastic greenhouses last?

3-5 years