Is Cookie glue Indica or Sativa?

Is Cookie glue Indica or Sativa?

Cookie Glue has a delicious spicy and sour pine flavor and an aroma of herbal earth with accents of nuts and skunk. Cookie Glue is a hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain whose parents are GG#4 and Girl Scout Cookies.

What strain is glue?

Original Glue (GG4), developed by GG Strains, is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch.

What Cookie strain is best?

Girl Scout Cookies strain

What is trainwreck strain good for?

Trainwreck begins its speedy hurtle through the mind with a surge of euphoria, awakening creativity and happiness. Migraines, pain, and arthritis are mowed down by Trainwreck's high-THC content, and many patients also use it for relief of anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD.

Is trainwreck a good strain?

Trainwreck is a sativa-leaning cross between Mexican, Thai, and Afghani landraces. It has a sweet, yet spicy flavor with notes of lemon, pine, and earth. It's a good strain to try if it's a spacy and cerebral high you're after, as Trainwreck is said to give a nice body buzz even.

How long does Trainwreck high last?

one hour

Is trainwreck easy to grow?

On average, Trainwreck can produce about an estimated 18 ounces per square meter. Its flowering time can be anywhere between 8 to 10 weeks, and is relatively easy to grow in a controlled indoor setting.

Is trainwreck an Autoflower?

Original Cali Train Wreck was crossed with a ruderals to create a strain with fast and automatic flowering and pure sativa high. ... The harvest comes after 8 flowering weeks and brings 250 grams of dense, resinous buds with amazing citrus aromas with notes of pepper. Train Wreck Auto is ideal for day time smoking.

How do you grow strains in trainwreck?

Feeding: Start with nutrient-rich soils and fill in the gaps by feeding Trainwreck with calcium, magnesium, and nitrogen. Top dress your soil with amendments such as bat guano and worm castings as Trainwreck begins to flower. Flush early as this plant can finish sooner than expected.

What is Blue Dream strain?

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Blueberry with Haze. Blue Dream produces a balancing high accompanied by full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. ... Blue Dream produces a balancing high accompanied by full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration.

Why is Blue Dream so popular?

Developed as a balanced indica/sativa hybrid, the Blue Dream strain draws from all the best qualities of its indica and sativa genetics, making it a popular choice among the widest variety of consumers.

What is the strongest glue?

The name of the world's strongest adhesive is DELO MONOPOX VE403728. This is a modified version of the high-temperature-resistant DELO MONOPOX HT2860. This epoxy resin forms a very dense network during heat curing.

What strain is Pineapple Express?

Pineapple Express combines the potent and flavorful forces of parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The smell is likened to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar. This hard-hitting hybrid provides a long-lasting energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes.

Is Pineapple Express a good strain?

For medical use, Pineapple Express is effective at treating anxiety and mood disorders thanks to its sativa leaning blend. It is also an effective relief for pain and lethargy, because of its energetic qualities.

Is Pineapple Express actually rare?

First. It's famous. Unlike most cannabis strains, Pineapple Express is well-known by more than just weed aficionados. ... A rare strain of weed—you guessed it—is left behind at the scene and can identify both the user and the dealer.

Did they actually smoke in Pineapple Express?

Pineapple Express: Seth Rogan, who also brags about having gotten high with Jonah Hill, Sarah Silverman, Paul Rudd, and Snoop, says he smoked actual weed during the filming of Pineapple Express. ... Cheech and Chong: No kidding: the original stoner duo smoked actual marijuana while filming back in the 1970s.

How much is a gram of Pineapple Express?

Pineapple Express Price - 1 Gram
QualityAv $/ 1g
Low$ 9.

Do actors actually smoke in movies?

Props. In some cases, a cigarette would just be used as a prop, herbal, or tobacco-based. You'd find an actor holding it in their hand, but sometimes not even smoking it. ... To make it seem real, a cigarette would be cut in the size necessary during different parts of the movie.

How long does Pineapple Express high last?

9 weeks

Does Pineapple Express make you paranoid?

The side effect of Pineapple Express is usually not associated with paranoia, but an excessive amount of the strain might make you paranoid and worsen your anxiety.

What does pre 98 mean?

Bubba Kush

How many different strains of runtz are there?

34 Runtz strains