Who is the youngest Origin player?

Who is the youngest Origin player?

Ben Ikin

Who is the oldest NRL player still playing?

At 37 years of age Smith is currently the oldest player in the NRL but 60 others who have turned 30 or older have played this year and up to eight more – including 35-year-old Sonny Bill Williams – could join the list before the end of the season.

Who has the longest winning streak in State of Origin?


How old is fifita?

21 years (25 February 2000)

How tall is fifita?


Is fifita Aboriginal?

Fifita is of Indigenous Australian and Tongan descent.

What nationality is fifita?


How heavy is fifita?

107 kg

What happened to David Fifita?

Fifita was facing more than two years in jail for assault in 2019 after being arrested during an off-season trip to Bali. The footballer was forced to pay compensation out of his own pocket to reach a peace settlement with the complainant - a security guard he allegedly punched in a late-night scooter incident.

Are Andrew and David Fifita twins?

Fifita is the twin brother of fellow Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks player Andrew Fifita, and cousin of Gold coast Titans player David Fifita He is not related to John Fifita, a former St George Dragons player.

Why is NSW called cockroaches?

It all began one night in the mid-1970s, when former Queensland coach Barry Muir was watching a news report of the NSW side on TV. ... “The Sydney press caught onto it and next morning in the paper it says, 'Muir labels NSW as cockroaches'.” “That's where it started and it took off from there.”22-Jun-2016

What is the highest score in State of Origin?

Biggest State Of Origin Blow-Outs

  • 1983 Game 2 – Queensland 43 New South Wales 22. ...
  • 1989 Game 1 – Queensland 36 New South Wales 6. ...
  • 2000 Game 3 – New South Wales 56 Queensland 16. ...
  • 2001 Game 3 – Queensland 40 New South Wales 14. ...
  • 2002 Game 1 – New South Wales 32 Queensland 4. ...
  • 2003 Game 2 – New South Wales 27 Queensland 4.