What type of demon is Vaggie?

What type of demon is Vaggie?

Moth demon

Who is Vaggie dating?

My Rating
Love InterestCharlie (Girlfriend)
FriendsCharlie Magne (Girlfriend/Boss), Angle Dust (Frenemy), BloodMoon (co-worker), Vessel (co-worker), Gwen (co-worker), Niffty (co-worker)
EnemiesAngel Dust (frenemy), Alastor (co-worker), Husk (co-worker)

Who voices Charlie in Hazbin hotel?

Jill HARRISHazbin Hotel

What network is Hazbin Hotel on?


Is Kellen Goff in Hazbin hotel?

Kellen Goff is a voice actor and casting director who cast directed Helluva Boss. He is also a frequent guest on HuniCast.

When did Hazbin hotel come out?


How did Vaggie die?

Vaggie died from her stab wound, captured and abused by a man.

Are Vaggie and Valentino related?

Valentino has a daughter and her name is Vaggie. ... Vaggie has a father and his name is Valentino. She does everything he asks her to do because she understands that it is better to have a father like him to protect her than to have to deal with worse monsters in hell.