Are Gina and Matt still together?

Are Gina and Matt still together?

Back in 2018, Gina filed for divorce from Matt following eight years of marriage. She listed the date of marriage as and the separation date as Ma. The two share three minor children.

Did Gina really quit Rhoc?

REAL Housewives of Orange Country star Gina Kirschenheiter has come out with guns blazing about why her costar should quit the series. Gina, 36, revealed she thought it would be better if Braunwyn Windham-Burke, 43, did not return to the show's 16th season.

Who is Shannon Beador's boyfriend?

John Janssen

Is Shannon from Mojo in the Morning divorced?

Shannon announced her divorce a few weeks ago on the air. First off, thank you for all of the kind words towards her and her family.

Why did producer Rachel leave mojo?

As of this month, producer Rachel and her husband have started a podcast called Sex, Lies, And Parenthood. ... In the podcast's first episode, Giordano explains her reason for leaving Mojo In The Morning was to bring her daughter Sophia to LA.

What kind of heart surgery is mojo in the morning having?

Mojo from Mojo in the Morning, Channel 955, Detroit had open-heart surgery last week. It was a procedure he'd known he needed for years and now was the time.

What is Mojo's real name?


How do you call mojo in the morning?

  1. Email. [email protected]
  2. Call. Studio Line: 1-844-MOJO-LIVE.
  3. Text. Studio Line: 95500. Reply STOP to cancel. Standard text message and data rates apply.

Where is Joey from Mojo in the morning going?

With sadness but happiness for the person I bring to you that the Mojo in the morning show will be changed forever because Joey from our show is leaving the show and he's leaving uh he's leaving Radio and he's moving on to another career that uh that is going to be uh big and better for you and it's going to be awesome ...

How tall is Mojo in the Morning?

For now, he's 6-feet-3 and 279.

How much money did Shannon get in her divorce?

Shannon walked away from her year-and-a-half divorce battle with $1.

What is Alexis Bellino net worth?

Alexis Bellino net worth and salary per episode: Alexis Bellino is a reality television personality who has a net worth of $1.

Why did Alexis leave Real Housewives?

But Alexis stuck around. ... Alexis tried to leave the show after Season 7, citing that the other woman were “bullying” her, but producers, according to Reality Tea, asked her to stay. Alexis said that she stayed on Real Housewives Of Orange County Season 8 to show her children that bullies don't win.

Who is Alexis Bellino dating now?

Andy Bohn