What happens in the Valley of Fear?

What happens in the Valley of Fear?

Plot. Sherlock Holmes receives a cipher message from Fred Porlock, a pseudonymous agent of Professor Moriarty. After Porlock sends the message, however, he changes his mind for fear of Moriarty's discovering that he is a traitor.

What is the theme of the Valley of Fear?

One of the most important themes of the novel is observation, which is what readers are encouraged to practice along with Holmes. Doyle sets out the particulars of the case without sparing any details in order to prompt his readers to think about what they see and try to form connections.

Why is Valley of Fear regarded as Valley of Death?

1. Vermissa Valley, or "the Valley of Fear," can be seen as a biblical allusion to either death or oppression—for example the reference in Psalm 23 to the "shadow of the valley of death." Also, McGinty can be seen as a Devil-like character, with evil minions beneath him.

Who was McMurdo in the Valley of Fear?

McMurdo (evidence in Act1 Scene1) was assertive and self-reliant as he approaches people with confidence and was always ready to defend himself. He was a brave a man as weel as clever. He very cleverly saved James Stanger from being murdered. He was a kind hearted person as he tricked the scowrers for Ettie.

Why do you think Barker did not want Mrs Douglas to see the dead body?

Baker did not want Mrs. Douglas to see the dead body because his husband was alive. it was a master plant planted by Mr. Douglas because he wanted to arrest the detective.