What is genre English literature?

What is genre English literature?

Genre, (French: “kind” or “sort”) a distinctive type or category of literary composition, such as the epic, tragedy, comedy, novel, and short story. Genre. Novel. Tragedy. Literature.

How do you determine a genre?

An equation for remembering the genre is: Story (Action) + Plot + Character + Setting = Genre. This becomes an easy way to remember the elements of a genre. The above elements of story, plot, setting, and character equal a specific category of movie.

What is the three genres of creative writing?

Three Genres gives students a basic introduction to fiction/ literary nonfiction, poetry, and drama and helps them to develop their creative skills in each area.

What are the examples of creative writing?

Creative Writing Examples

  • Novels.
  • Short stories.
  • Poetry.
  • Plays.
  • Memoirs.

How can I write creative English?

Top tips for creative writing

  1. 1 Write about what you know. Beginning writers always get told 'write what you know', but it's good advice. ...
  2. 2 Write about what you don't know. ...
  3. 3 Read widely and well. ...
  4. 4 Hook your readers. ...
  5. 5 Get your characters talking. ...
  6. 6 Show rather than tell. ...
  7. 7 Get it right first time. ...
  8. 8 Keep polishing.