What is formwork in RCC construction?

What is formwork in RCC construction?

Formwork (shuttering) is a temporary mould to provide support to fresh concrete when placed in structural member until the concrete has set. ... Column Forms – Formwork for Concrete Column Construction. Wall Forms – Formwork for RCC Wall Construction. Floor Forms – Formwork for construction of RCC Slabs.

How many types of formwork are there?

11 Types of Formwork (Shuttering) used in Construction.

How is formwork calculated?

For simple square and rectangular forms, simply multiply length x width to know how much formwork you need. For a circular base, multiply the square of the radius by pi (πr²). For irregular shapes, break these down into simpler squares and rectangles and add up the total surface area.

Which formwork is best?

Top 4 innovative formworks in India

  • Mascon. The Mascon Construction System is used for forming the cast-in-place concrete structure of a building. ...
  • MFE Formwork Technology (Mivan) MFE Formwork Technology (formally known as Mivan Far East) is a revolutionary aluminium formwork construction system, which has been used quite extensively in India. ...
  • Paschal. ...
  • Peri.

What are the materials used for formwork?

  • Timber as Formwork Material. Timber is the most commonly used material for formwork. ...
  • Plywood as Formwork Material. Plywood which is a manufactured product of timber is also used for formworks. ...
  • Steel as Formwork Material. Steel can also be used as formwork material. ...
  • Aluminum as Formwork Material.

What is slab formwork?

Modular and beam formwork, waffle and aluminium forms for concrete slab construction. All kinds of applications are covered: large slabs, solid and lightened, inclined, drop beams, infillings, column heads, cantilever beams etc. Excellent concrete finishes and safety standards guaranteed for workers.

What are the functions of formwork?

The function of formwork (Shuttering) is to hold freshly placed and compacted concrete till it has gained sufficient strength to be self-supporting. It also serves the purpose to produce a concrete member of the required shape, size and the desired finish.

What is column formwork?

The forms, made of steel or aluminium sometimes with a timber form-face lineer, can be adjusted on site to give different column sizes. ...

What are the safety precautions to be taken before removal of formwork?

Some Precautions taken during Removal of Formwork are:

  • Always start removing the formwork when the element has reached the formwork removal time, which is determined by the test results performed in the laboratory. ...
  • The compressive strength is followed as per IS method.

When can I remove formwork slab?

Complete slab shuttering should be removed after 10 days. Beams removal of sheeting required 8 days. Beams and arches complete removal of shuttering required 14 days. If beams and arches are of span more than 6 meter, then shuttering removal time should be 21 days.

How soon can formwork be removed?

seven days

What is the minimum period for formwork removal of a slab spanning upto 4.5 m?

In general structures carrying construction loads, side timbers shall not be removed within 7 days and supporting timbers within 28 days of placing of concrete....Removal of Forms.
Type of FormRemoval Time Period
Removal of props to slabs (Spanning upto 4.

How many days does it take to cure a slab?

3-7 days

Which is the best method for curing flat surfaces?

Which is the best method for curing flat surfaces? Explanation: Curing is the process of maintaining moisture in freshly laid concrete to strengthen it. For flat surfaces like floors and slabs, ponding or stagnating water is the best method. Temporary bund can be made with mortar and filled with water to cure.

What is the procedure for formwork removal on site?

The removal of concrete formwork also called as strike-off or stripping of formwork should be carried out only after the time when concrete has gained sufficient strength, at least twice the stress to which the concrete may be subjected to when the formworks are removed.

Is 4990 specifications for plywood formwork for concrete?

Plywood for concrete shuttering works is a BWP grade plywood, preservative treated and specially suited for use in concrete shuttering and form work. ... This standard specifies the requirements of such plywood for use in concrete shuttering and form work and provides guidance in the manufacture and use of the plywood.

Is code for formwork removal?

De shuttering period relates to the maturity of concrete and depends on the ambient temperature....De – Shuttering Period as per IS 456 – 2000.
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