What words do British say differently?

What words do British say differently?

Words that are pronounced differently in the UK and in the US
WordUK pronunciationUS pronunciation

What are the problems in pronunciation?

The Top 5 Pronunciation Problems and How to Fix Them

  • Stressing individual words incorrectly. If you usually speak with native English speakers, this will be the number one reason why they misunderstand you. ...
  • Stressing the wrong words in a sentence. ...
  • Pronouncing certain consonant sounds incorrectly. ...
  • Mixing up short and long vowel sounds. ...
  • Forgetting to finish your words.

What is the best app for English pronunciation?

7 English Pronunciation Apps to Speak Clear, Confident English in 2021

  • FluentU (Android/iOS)
  • ELSA Speak: English Accent Coach (Android/iOS)
  • Creativa: Mastering North American English Pronunciation.
  • Pronunroid – IPA pronunciation (Android)
  • English Pronunciation (Android)
  • Say It: English Pronunciation (Android/iOS)