What is the real story of Phineas and Ferb?

What is the real story of Phineas and Ferb?

According to Spanish Wikipedia, The True Story about Phineas and Ferb is that, in Rusia, in 1993, a girl was born named Candace Flynn, who had several mental issues and that when her parents where divorced, her mother was the one who stayed with her, who never took care of her propperly.

Why does Phineas and Ferb never get caught?

Why does Doofenshmirtz's inators always get rid of evidence phineas and ferbs inventions. Because perry after foiling the plan is set to get rid of the boys inventions. So Perry is essentially protecting the brothers from getting caught and from meeting the Dr. So that they do not become evil.

Was Phineas and Ferb dead?

No, Ferb is not dead. This might come as a relief to Phineas and Ferb fans, but lately, a few crazy conspiracy theories about the show have been making rounds. A report on Western Gazette, suggests that according to a theory Candace is not entirely sane, instead, she has a lot of mental health issues.

Are Phineas and Ferb brothers?

Phineas comes from a blended family, a decision creator Marsh made to reflect his own experiences growing up. His step-brother, Ferb, is his best friend. ... It is established that his mother, Linda Flynn-Fletcher married Ferb's father, Lawrence Fletcher, after dating him for a while in the 1990s.

How did Ferb and Vanessa get together?

Ferb and Vanessa first met in Blueprint Heaven. ... Ferb and Vanessa worked together, and were eventually able to retrieve the Pizzazium. Before Vanessa left to bail her father out, she kissed Ferb on the cheek as thanks for helping her out, thus sending Ferb lost in his fanstasy ("Vanessassary Roughness").

Who does Phineas marry?

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Is Phineas and Ferb adopted?

The wiki confirms that Ferb is indeed British and is also the stepbrother of Phineas and Candace. He moved with his father, Lawrence, to the United States where Lawrence married Phineas and Candace's mom. ... Ferb is not adopted, right? Not necessarily.

How old is Ferb and Vanessa?

When Ferb is 25 and Vanessa is 31, everything would be fine...

Who is smarter Phineas or Ferb?

Ferb is overall the most talented but in sheer brains, Phineas is more in that department. An argument could be made for either, but Ferb has more been shown as a handyman, a genius of dancing, among the world's best soccer players, an amazing construction worker, and of course a genius.

Why is Ferb's hair green?

The show's creator Dan Povenmire confirmed that the reason Ferb has green hair and Lawrence doesn't is because it's a gene in the Fletcher family that skips a generation, stating that Reginald Fletcher had green hair when he was younger (Ferb is a only Fletcher family member to have unnatural hair color).

Are Phineas and Ferb twins?

Phineas is the same age as Ferb. The reason the boys are stepbrothers is because producers wanted them to be the same age, but not twins, and be more than just friends.

Who's older Phineas or Ferb?

In the song “Little Brothers” in the episode Get Busted the opening lyrics are as follows “Little brother I remember when you first came home” this is in reference to Phineas as shown in the episode. ... This would mean that Ferb is the little brother of Phineas and herself, making Ferb the youngest.

What is Ferb's full name?

Ferbs "Ferb" Fletcher is a fictional character in the animated television series Phineas and Ferb.

Did Candace marry Jeremy?

Candace and Jeremy are getting married!

What does OWCA stand for?

Organization Without a Cool Acronym

What does Lovemuffin stand for?

League Of Villainous Evildoers Maniacally United For Frightening Investments

Does Jeremy have a crush on Candace?

The Story of Candace and Jeremy Candace Flynn has had a crush on Jeremy Johnson for a long time. However, unlike Isabella and Phineas's relationship and Ferb and Vanessa's relationship, Candace and Jeremy have officially been a couple during most of the show.

Why is Perry the Platypus teal?

Real life platypuses have brown fur, with males having venomous spurs on their hind legs. Dan Povenmire the chose the colour teal for Perry just because “it looked cool.” However, it was later discovered in a 2020 study that platypuses glow green under ultraviolet light, sort of like Perry himself.

Who did Baljeet end up with?

The Ending, or the Beginning? In this story, the gang goes to college, but years later, it takes place with everyone in the gang having family and children. Baljeet marries Juliette Bousquet and has four children, Jaime, Monet, Alagan, and Avani, and still has a close friendship with Buford.

Is Baljeet black?

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Is Baljeet a real name?

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Who is Ferb's real mom?

Linda Flynn-Fletcher

What episode Phineas die?

Last Day of Summer