Can you repair fiberglass with Bondo?

Can you repair fiberglass with Bondo?

For repair of any fiberglass material for home, automotive or marine application, look to Bondo Products. ... Bondo Fiberglass Resin is sandable in less than 2 hours, is compatible with all paints, and creates a strong and long-lasting bond.

Can I use car body filler on fiberglass?

This filler can be used over bare metal or fiberglass. In auto body, it is normally the first coat applied over welded repair.

How thick can fiberglass filler be?

1/8 inch

Does Bondo have fiberglass in it?

This reinforced body filler contains short, interlocking fiberglass strands, making it twice as strong as standard body filler and much easier to use during vertical repairs.

How strong is fiberglass Bondo?

Bondo brand Bondo-glass reinforced filler is twice as strong as regular body filler. 1/2 in. interlocking fiberglass strands create strength and make this filler ideal for repairing small (dime-size or smaller) holes or rust-outs.

Can you use Bondo on a fiberglass boat?

Genuine Bondo? No way. As Sabreman notes, it absorbs water and it is infamous for failing when used on boats.

What's the difference between Stage 2 and Stage 3 Bondo?

Stage 2 – Fill. This stage involves patching holes with reinforced filler and smoothing and shaping filler before painting. Stage 3 – Paint. This stage includes painting the area and blending and smoothing primer and paint.

Does body filler last long?

You do not want to apply body filler to anything that is thicker than about a 1/4”. That does not mean it can't be done, but the repair will not last as long. Eventually the filler will shrink and possibly crack or even fall off.

How do you apply Bondo fiberglass resin?

Brush a coat of the mixed resin on the damaged area extending 2-3 inches beyond repair. Place the first layer of fiberglass cloth or mat onto the resin application and immediately apply another coat of resin over the fiberglass cloth or mat.

How do you mix fiberglass resin jelly?

Mixing: Knead cream hardener tube thoroughly. For a golf ball-size amount of resin jelly, squeeze out 1 1/4 inch strip of hardener, or mix a 3 inch diameter circle 1/2 inch thick of resin jelly to a 3 inch strip of cream hardener. Mix thoroughly to a uniform color on clean, non-porous surface.

What is the difference between fiberglass resin and fiberglass resin jelly?

Resin is just to soak the mat. Jelly is more cosmetic.

Will Bondo hardener work with fiberglass resin?

Bondo Fiberglass Resin Liquid Hardener is designed specifically for use with Bondo Fiberglass Resin and Bondo Metal Reinforced Filler. This hardener is easily mixed with resin or filler; a chemical reaction creates an extremely strong, waterproof repair material.

What is Bondo glass?

Bondo® Glass Reinforced Filler makes an excellent foundation for hole, dent and rust-out repairs without the need for backing strips, cloths and resins. It contains short, interlocking fiberglass strands and fibers that make it twice as strong as regular body filler.

Does Bondo glass stick to plastic?

Bondo is polyester based. It will adhere to acrylic (plexiglass), but it might dissolve some types of styrene plastic. If you are gluing plastic, a solvent bond is best. Buy a solvent for the type of plastic you are using.

How long does it take for Bondo glass to dry?

10 minutes

How long do you have to wait to sand Bondo?

10 to 15 minutes

Can I wet sand Bondo?

You can wet sand plastic body filler ("Bondo" is a trade name like "Chevrolet" or "Nike") but you should carefully heat the filler with a blow torch before priming. Just take a blow torch and quickly wave it across the filler and you will see the moisture evaporating right before your eyes.

Does Bondo stick to primer?

Can you apply body filler or bondo over primer filler? Yes. ... You CAN apply over sanded 2k primer, or bare metal. Be sure to have the area sanded with at least a 150 so the filler has some TOOTH to grab to.