How can you electroplate an iron spoon with copper?

How can you electroplate an iron spoon with copper?

A thin sheet of pure copper is made anode (+ve electrode). An acidified solution of copper sulphate is used as the electrolytic solution. When electricity is passed through copper sulphate solution, the copper metal gets electroplated on the iron spoon.

Can an iron spoon be used to dissolve solid copper sulphate in water?

Answer. No you can't, As per it is more reactive than Copper which could take place in displacement reaction due to a medium.

Is the iron spoon the cathode or the anode?

The spoon is the cathode. The anode is connected to the positive electrode of a battery, while the spoon is connected to the negative electrode.

Is iron used for electroplating?

Common metals include: gold, silver, platinum, tin, lead ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, and iridium. are normally iron, cobalt, and indium because they are easy to plate, but are rarely used in plating. are metals that are even more rarely used for plating than the minor metals.

Can you Anodise stainless steel?

Stainless steel cannot be anodized in the true sense of the word unless a hot caustic solution is used. There are, however, a few alternative ways to achieve some similarish results to anodizing, like what you would expect with titanium and aluminum.