What does split mean in slang?

What does split mean in slang?

slang to depart; leavelet's split; we split the scene.

What does spliff mean?

A spliff is a cigarette which contains cannabis or marijuana. [informal]

What does caught in a spliff mean?

(splĭf) Slang. A marijuana cigarette, especially one containing an admixture of tobacco.

Why is it called a spliff?

'Spliff' is a West Indian word of Jamaican English origin which has spread to several western countries, particularly the UK and Europe. Its precise etymology is unknown, but it is attested as early as 1936. 'J' or 'jay' can be used as an abbreviation for a generic joint. Another frequently used term is 'doobie.

What does Chef you up mean?

So you take "chef", turn it into a verb, make it past tense (cheffed), and add "up" and you get "cheffed up". That means that someone has done chef-style stuff to the ramen. ... The phrase "cheffed up" would have "effed up" within it, so maybe the author was voicing disapproval at doing chef-style stuff to the ramen.

What does Chef's kiss mean?

What's the origin of Chef's Kiss? The expression comes from the Italian al bacio, the kiss, that is used to convey the meaning “excellent”.

What does a chef mean?

chef de cuisine

What does shanked mean?

shanked; shanking; shanks. Definition of shank (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. : to hit (a golf ball or shot) with the extreme heel of the club so that the ball goes off in an unintended direction also : to kick (a football) in an unintended direction.

How do Prisoners make shanks?

The most common edged weapon is taken from a small piece of spring steel used to strengthen the arch in leather boots and shoes. The jail-made "shank" is fashioned from this material, and is sharpened by scraping the metal on concrete floors. ... A handle is fashioned from paper or cloth.

Is shank a bad word?

What Voldemort was to Hogwarts, “shank” is to golf. Mention the word and you risk bringing it to life. It's some combination of four-letter swear and shaman's curse. And because it holds this power, people abuse it in order to imbue merely bad shots with an extra level of significance.

What does shanked to death mean?

transitive to kill or hurt someone by pushing a knife or other sharp object into their body. His brother was stabbed in the hand. stab someone to death: One fan was stabbed to death in a fight between gangs. Synonyms and related words.

What is the meaning of Sans?


What is Shank called in English?

A Shankha is a conch shell of ritual and religious importance in Hinduism. It is the shell of a large predatory sea snail, Turbinella pyrum, found in the Indian Ocean.. ... In the Western world, in the English language, the shell of this species is known as the "divine conch" or the "sacred chank".

What is the meaning of sunk?

depressed in spirits

What is sunk cost example?

A sunk cost refers to a cost that has already occurred and has no potential for recovery in the future. For example, your rent, marketing campaign expenses or money spent on new equipment can be considered sunk costs. A sunk cost can also be referred to as a past cost.

What does ghastly mean?

ghastly, grisly, gruesome, macabre, lurid mean horrifying and repellent in appearance or aspect. ghastly suggests the terrifying aspects of corpses and ghosts.

What does ghostly mean?

1 : of or relating to the soul : spiritual. 2 : of, relating to, or having the characteristics of a ghost : spectral.

What does feverishly mean?

Feverishly is defined as something done in a rapid manner. When you work through the night, moving quickly to try to get a job done, this is an example of working feverishly. adverb.

What does Plutonian mean?

: of, relating to, or characteristic of Pluto or the lower world : infernal.

What is a Plutonian relationship?

It's used to describe a relationship that is chaotic, overwhelming, and intense. ... Plutonian relationships make you feel a way you have never felt before, especially if you are the Pluto person. They involve psychological issues ad power struggles, and they force you to face your shadow side.

What is a Plutonian personality?

Plutonians. In terms of “personality traits” of a “Plutonian”, they would generally be described as intense, deeply intuitive, perceptive, provocative (for better or worse), and able to see things and situations in ways that many others do not.

What does Nevermore mean?

Something that happens nevermore will never happen again. After you graduate, you'll nevermore be a high school student. ... The most famous use of nevermore is in Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven:" "Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore.

What is the irony in The Raven?

The Raven offers far more pronounced instances of situational irony -- the mere fact of a bird being the interloper in the narrator's chamber rather than a human is in itself an example of situational irony -- but Poe did include dramatic irony in his poem as well.

Why does Raven say nevermore?

jpg. UVA English professor Jerome McGann features Edgar Allan Poe's well-known, spooky poem, "The Raven," in his new book. ... Poe uses “evermore” because loss will always be part of life; “nevermore,” because we can never hold onto what we have or who we love, McGann said.

What is the message of the Raven?

In Poe's own words, he decided upon the raven as the poem's primary symbol, because it represented “Mournful and Never-ending Remembrance.” The raven instigates the grieving young man's distress and helps push him down the path towards what is expected that will eventually end in madness.

What is the moral lesson of the Raven?

The moral of “The Raven” is that one should be careful not to become completely overwhelmed by one's emotions. The speaker's grief and imagination combine to drive him to a state of irrationality and despair.