What is the best Ikea dresser?

What is the best Ikea dresser?

Here are our top picks for highly-rated IKEA dressers:

  1. HEMNES 8-drawer dresser.
  2. SONGESAND 6-drawer chest. Price | $199. ...
  3. TRYSIL 4-drawer chest. Price | $129. ...
  4. BRIMNES 3-drawer chest. Price | $129. ...
  5. MALM 6-drawer chest. Price | $179. ...
  6. ASKVOLL 5-drawer chest. Price | $79.

Are Ikea drawers good?

1. Dressers and chests of drawers. ... Safety issues combined with sub-par particleboard construction means dressers and similar items are not a great Ikea buy.

Is Ikea discontinuing Malm?

Alternately, customers can request a free wall-anchoring kit for the dressers to prevent them from tipping over on small children. The recall impacts 17.

Why is delivery so expensive at IKEA?

Why the expensive shipping costs? It turns out that shipping prices are based on flat rates geared to be more cost effective for customers who purchase in bulk. "IKEA wants to offer the best delivery rates to all customers," said Michael Witthauer, marketing specialist for IKEA Direct, via email.

Why do Ikea dressers tip over?

And half of people with children in their household said their children aren't left unattended around furniture. But data has shown that many dresser tip-overs happen when children are alone in their rooms, before or after sleeping.

Can I still return my IKEA Malm dresser?

If you do not want to anchor the product to your wall, you can return your chest/ dresser to the store for a refund.

Does IKEA buy back used furniture?

Ikea will buy back used furniture — but not in the U.S. — to stop 'excessive consumption' ... It announced that next month it will begin a global buyback program of unwanted Ikea furniture to encourage customers to take a stand against excessive consumption.

How long does it take to build Ikea dresser?

Each box will, on average, take me around 30-40 minutes to unpack and assemble. So, if your chest of drawers comes in two big boxes, allow about an hour or so. A Pax wardrobe from IKEA that comes in one box will take me about 40 minutes, including hinged doors but not counting extras like drawers.

How do I fix my IKEA Malm dresser?

The steps to repair a broken spar are:

  1. Measure the length and height of the spar.
  2. Cut a piece of scrap wood according to the measurements.
  3. Remove the existing hardware from the MALM dresser.
  4. Attach a bracket on each end of the cut scrap wood.
  5. Screw scrap wood onto the MALM frame.
  6. Done!

Does IKEA tip furniture?

There have also been instances of Ikea furniture tipping over when it is attached, Mann said. In June 2020, California mother Nicole Oka shared a harrowing video captured on a baby camera of her 2-year-old twins climbing on an anchored Ikea bookcase, which crashed. The twins were not injured.

What is IKEA Malm?

MALM series Welcome to our MALM bedroom series. It's full of smart ideas, like under the bed storage and a chest of drawers that works as a bedside table, too. There's a choice of wood veneer and white finishes to help you find your favorite. Compare Sort Color Size Number of drawers Price Buyable online More filters.

Does IKEA do curbside pickup?

At the IKEA store, follow signage for Click & Collect to pick-up your order. Once your order is loaded into your vehicle, drive off and enjoy your new purchase. If one or more of your ordered items becomes unavailable, we will notify you by email before your selected pick-up timeframe.

What is IKEA Malm furniture made of?

This guide focuses on painting the cheaper, basic Ikea furniture ranges such as Expedit (Kallax), Lack and Malm. These are all composed of laminated veneer chipboard which is notoriously difficult to work with as paint doesn't adhere well to the smooth, non-porous melamine surfaces.

How much weight can an IKEA Malm dresser hold?

50 pounds

How long does it take to assemble IKEA Malm dresser?

A MALM 6 drawer dresser took me 5 hours to put together by myself the other night as fast as I could.

How do I paint my Ikea Hemnes dresser?


  1. STEP 1: PREP. Remove knobs and give all surfaces a quick sanding and then clean up. ...
  2. STEP 2: PRIME. Apply Latex primer using the brush. ...
  3. STEP 3: WAIT. This is where patience comes in handy! ...
  4. STEP 4: PAINT. Apply paint. ...
  5. STEP 5: WAIT. ...

Can I paint my Ikea Hemnes dresser?

We purchased a new Hemnes dresser in the white stain finish. If you want to recreate this, be sure to buy the White STAIN finish instead of plain white. The plain white dresser has a veneer over the wood so it cannot be painted! ... (Make sure you sand it really well, so the paint doesn't chip after you paint it.)01-Jun-2020

Is Ikea Hemnes solid wood?

At IKEA we actually don't often make storage furniture that is completely solid wood. Even products like HEMNES and HAVSTA, that are mostly made from solid pine, have components like the back panel that are made from the wood based material fibreboard.

Can you repaint Ikea dresser?

Technically you can use an oil based primer and then paint on top with latex paint, but just keep your life simple and make sure they match. If you are painting with an oil based finish paint, you must use an oil based primer. No exceptions.

How can I make my Ikea furniture look more expensive?

How to make your IKEA furniture look more expensive

  1. Knobs and pulls. A super simple way to add some excitement to your room is to simply change, or add knobs and pulls to your IKEA furniture. ...
  2. Furniture legs. ...
  3. Make it float. ...
  4. Change the tops. ...
  5. Switch the fronts.

How do I know if my furniture is solid or veneer?

Veneer will also have a horizontal grain pattern on the edges, whereas solid wood will have no grain on the edges. If you can feel the grain and see a varying pattern, it's probably solid wood.

How can you tell if furniture is wood or laminate?

Check if the pieces are put together using the dovetail method where a “tongue” fits into a groove. Laminate is usually fixed together with screws or glue. If you see unfinished wood underneath the furniture, it's probably wood and not laminate because the latter will often completely cover the material front and back.