What is the drop method?

What is the drop method?

measurement of specific heat …is generally measured by the drop method, which involves adding a known mass of the material at a known elevated temperature to a known mass of water at a known low temperature and determining the equilibrium temperature of the mixture that results.

What is the use of Stalagmometer?

A stalagmometer a simple and normally manual instrument for measuring the surface tension (SFT) of liquids and, more rarely, the interfacial tension (IFT) between two liquids.

What is the meaning of Stalagmometer?

Medical Definition of stalagmometer : a device for determining the number of drops in a given volume of liquid especially for use in calculating the surface tension (as of blood or serum)

Who invented Stalagmometer?

Isidor Traube

Which liquid has highest viscosity?

Liquids which flow very slowly, like glycerin or honey, have high viscosities. Those like ether or gasoline which flow very readily have low viscosities. Viscosity is governed by the strength of intermolecular forces and especially by the shapes of the molecules of a liquid.

What is drop count?

« Reply #2 on: , 06:42 pm » The way that I see this term used most often is related to tickets. I see it a lot in house management reports. It is the actual number of ticket stubs collected for the show that night as opposed to the total number of tickets sold.

Why does every drop of water count?

Conservation. We have all heard the saying, "every drop counts," but what exactly does that mean? It means that conserving even a little water here and there will add up to big savings. In Ogden City, there are approximately 24,000 connections to culinary water.

How does a Stalagmometer work?

Stalagmometer (Fig. 1a) is a device made up of a glass bulb with marked above and below the bulb indicators designating specific volume of liquid, ended capillary. ... During the formation of the drop in volume continuously increases. Thereby growing its weight Q.

Why is tip of Stalagmometer flattened?

Stalagmometer consists of a dropping tube with a capillary, the end of which is flattened. This flattened end helps to give a large dropping surface. This surface is already ground flat and polished. The other end of the capillary is sealed on a tube of wider bore containing a bulb.

When there are no external forces the shape of a liquid drop is determined by?

surface tension

When a drop of oil is allowed to touch the surface of water the drop of oil will?

when a drop of oil is placed on the surface of water, It will spread as a thin layer because the force of adhesion between water molecules and oils molecules dominates the force of cohesion between oil molecules.

Does salt water have more surface tension?

The salt water has a much lower cohesion than plain water so it's attractive forces are less than plain water. The surface tension does increase when the salt is added to the water so that means that the penny drop experiment is mostly affected by the water's cohesive forces.

Why the raindrops are spherical?

"This remarkable evolution results from a tug-of-war between two forces: the surface tension of the water and the pressure of the air pushing up against the bottom of the drop as it falls. When the drop is small, surface tension wins and pulls the drop into a spherical shape.

What is the actual shape of a raindrop?

As raindrops fall, they collide with other raindrops and lose their rounded shape. Flattened on the bottom and with a curved dome on top, raindrops actually resemble a hamburger bun or a kidney bean.

Why falling liquid drops are spherical Class 11?

Liquid drops are spherical in shape because liquids have the tendency to have minimum surface area due to surface tension and out of all possible shapes, sphere has minimum surface area. ...

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