How do you upcycle an old dresser?

How do you upcycle an old dresser?

Here are 25 ways to upcycle your dresser.

  1. 01 of 25. Change the Color With Paint. ...
  2. Upcycle It as a Home Bar. Bliss Ranch. ...
  3. Install Nailhead Trim. Girl in the Garage. ...
  4. Turn It Into a Rolling Tool Chest. ...
  5. Restore the Wood. ...
  6. Use False Drawer Fronts for a Flat-File Look. ...
  7. Make a Drop-Front Secretary Desk. ...
  8. Add Large-Scale Graphics.

What can you make out of old dresser drawers?

15 Brilliant Repurposing Projects for Old Drawers

  • Sandwich Station.
  • Under Bed Storage.
  • Bathroom Cabinet.
  • Drawer Ottoman.
  • Porch Planter.
  • Entry Hangers.
  • Picture Frames.
  • Jewelry Organizer.

What kind of paint do I use to repaint a dresser?

For furniture it's best to use a satin or semigloss finish in either a latex or an oil-based paint. Never leave primer unpainted. If you choose a latex paint, a latex primer is an excellent choice for most uses. It goes on easily and blocks most stains, but it doesn't have the odor of an oil-based primer.

What kind of paint do you use on an old dresser?

latex paint

How do I paint an old dresser?


  1. Evaluate Your Dresser. ...
  2. Remove Hardware and Contents. ...
  3. Sand Existing Finish. ...
  4. Clean the Dresser and Let Dry. ...
  5. Roll on a Coat of Paint. ...
  6. Trim With a Brush. ...
  7. Buff on a Wax Finish. ...
  8. Use Wax To Lubricate Rails.

Can you repaint furniture without sanding?

Milk paint, which you can purchase as a powder or premixed, or even whip it up yourself at home, is a nontoxic and biodegradable paint option that's great for use on wood furniture—and if you mix it with an equal part of bonding agent, you don't need to sand the piece before beginning.

How do you paint a dresser that's not real wood?

The 2 Best Ways to Paint Laminate Furniture ~ Method #1

  1. Clean the Surface. This dresser was dusty so all that was needed to clean it was a soft cloth dampened with warm water. ...
  2. Lightly Sand the Entire Piece. Yes, SAND! ...
  3. Prime. I used B.I.N shellac-based primer. ...
  4. Paint. ...
  5. Protect with a Sealer/Topcoat.

Can you paint a dresser without sanding?

No, you do not. But you do need to properly prep the surface first. Wiping it down with a clean soapy rag is always advised, and you may want to use a deglosser. I choose to use an oil-based paint instead which will adhere to a varnished surface and is a great way to prep for a final coat of paint.

What kind of paint do you use on particle board furniture?

Oil or lacquer-based paints will work best for painting particle board. However, if you have primed the wood with an oil-based primer, you should be able to use water-based paint without the particle board absorbing any water.

Can I paint over pressed wood furniture?

Since it can peel or lose its shape, the pressed wood material is normally covered with a thin sheet of veneer or laminate to hold things together. This surface has a slick finish that paint will not adhere to. Before you can paint pressed wood, you have to rough things up and create some grip.

Can you paint compressed wood?

Compressed wood, also known as particle board, can be painted, but first the wood must be properly prepared. ... Both types of compressed wood require sanding, which will smooth the bumpy surface or scuff the smooth veneer to allow for proper paint adherence. Sanding is followed by the application of a sealant.

Can you paint pressboard furniture?

Apply Paint If possible, use a roller to paint particle board furniture. ... But the best result is often achieved if you apply two or even three coats of paint in thin, inform layers. If you need a subsequent coat, be sure to let the first coat completely dry before applying the next one.

How do you paint pressboard furniture?

The laminate must be properly prepared before any successful painting can begin.

  1. Sand the entire surface of the furniture that you would like to paint with 120 grit sandpaper. ...
  2. Apply a coat of oil-base primer to the entire surface. ...
  3. Sand the primer with 400 grit sandpaper and apply another coat of primer.

How do you paint laminate furniture without sanding?

How to paint laminate furniture [without sanding]

  1. Step 1: Clean. ...
  2. Step 2: Prime. ...
  3. Step 3: Paint with emulsion of choice. ...
  4. Step 4: Varnish. ...
  5. Step 5: Wait for the eggshell or varnish to cure and harden. ...
  6. Step 6: Admire your project.
  7. BONUS TIP: Cover your paint tray with cling film before pouring your paint on it.

What is the best way to paint laminate furniture?


  1. First, apply the primer with the roller in larger areas, and fill in the smaller corners with the brush. ...
  2. Let the primer dry completely and sand with a fine sanding block. ...
  3. Let the primer dry completely again, and then apply the paint color of choice. ...
  4. Sand until smooth, and apply a second coat if needed.

Can I paint over melamine?

When painting melamine, it is a good idea to apply a thin layer of Ultra Grip to your melamine cabinets. ... Allow the Ultra Grip to dry for 12 hours before you start painting. Step 3 – PAINT! Apply a thin coat of Fusion paint in the color of your choice.

Will chalk paint adhere to melamine?

Replacing them wasn't really an option, as I love the fact they're built in, so a lick of paint it was. As the wardrobe is made of dreaded melamine, I turned to my old faithful favourite chalk paint, which is fantastic for adhering to almost any surface.

What paint will stick to melamine?

latex enamel paint

What is the best paint to cover melamine?

All tradespeople seemed convinced that Zinsser B-I-N was the ultimate primer for melamine to make an eggshell paint adhere to the surface with no chipping, so along with some Earthborn paint in eggshell I set about painting my melamine wardrobes in the same colour as the walls.

What is the difference between laminate and melamine?

Melamine, also known as Medium Density Laminate – MDL, is a resin coated paper that, in many instances has a printed pattern on it. ... Plastic laminate is typically available in more colors and patterns than melamine and for that reason is very commonly specified for the exterior of commercial cabinets.

Do you need to sand melamine before painting?

Do I need to prime melamine before painting? ... Yes, in order for the melamine to properly adhere, the surface needs to be cleaned, sanded, and primed with a primer that's designed for melamine or for laminate wood. Use TSP to clean the surface and use 150-grit sandpaper to rough it up. Then, apply your primer.

Is melamine paint oil-based?

It's a durable, non-porous, heat-resistant plastic. The glossy nature of the material requires proper surface preparation to help the paint adhere. Carroll Compton, paint specialist at Sherwin-Williams, recommends Adhesion Primer Latex for melamine. The top coat can be oil-based or latex in a semi-gloss finish.

How do you refinish melamine furniture?

Perked Up With Paint Paint completely transforms the look of melamine bedroom furniture, no matter what style or color the pieces currently are. Paint it a solid color, such as robin's egg blue, then apply a small amount of white paint with a nearly dry brush to create a weathered look.

Is melamine paint glossy?

Melamine: Melamine sheens provide the scrubbability and stain resistance of higher sheens, but offer a subdued finish. ... Semi-gloss: Semi-gloss sheens have a slightly glossy appearance that is not as highly reflective as that of gloss sheens.

What is melamine paint good for?

Eggshell Melamine Laminate Finish Paint is great for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. This waterborne acrylic enamel dries to a smooth finish and resists stains and marring to help ensure that it remains attractive over time.