What buildings have Doric columns?

What buildings have Doric columns?

Columns in this style can be found throughout Capitol Hill, including the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court Building, the Russell Senate Office Building and the Cannon House Office Building.

What are Doric columns used for?

Columns in the Doric Order The purpose of the columns was to support the weight of the ceiling. Each order of classical architecture used columns for this purpose, but the columns were differently designed. In the Doric Order, the column shaft is simple and tapered, meaning it is wider at the base than the top.

How do you draw the Parthenon step by step?


  1. Draw the top triangle.
  2. Add the panel below.
  3. Draw the base, the same width.
  4. Start the tops of the 8 columns.
  5. Finish the 4 columns on the right.
  6. Finish the 4 columns on the left.
  7. Add two vertical lines in each column.
  8. Draw the top details and add landscaping.

How do you draw a city scape?

Top Tips for Cityscape Drawing

  1. Choose the Right Materials. ...
  2. Understand Perspective. ...
  3. Draw from Life or a Photograph. ...
  4. Plan with a Pencil. ...
  5. Don't Rely on Rulers. ...
  6. Bring Your Cityscape Drawing to Life with Colour. ...
  7. Pay Attention to the Light Source. ...
  8. Create Perspective with Light.