Where are the crypt ghouls?

Where are the crypt ghouls?

Crypt Ghouls spawn in large quantities in the caves under Graveyard, in groups of up to 2 per spawn spot.

How do you get out of the Acropolis in Tomb Raider?

From the Cliffside Lookout Base Camp in the GEOTHERMAL VALLEY, fast travel back to the Tower Courtyard Base Camp in The Acropolis. When you have it, return through the tunnel the way you came and scramble up through the trapdoor into the tower. Turn left and crawl back under the door to exit this room.

Where are the walkie talkies in Tomb Raider?

All walkie talkies are hanging from canopies. The first one is at the entrance of the valley on the right side of the path. It's the last canopy you'll see on your right before moving on to the market area. The next three are in the market.

How do I get a document in geothermal valley?

If you missed it when you first made the climb, return to the Cathedral Courtyard Base Camp. Climb the tree, then the rough wall. (screenshot) At the top, turn left, jump and grapple the next ledge, and then climb the stairs to find the document sitting near a large wooden door.

Where is the chicken pen in geothermal valley?

the remnant village

How do you dive in Rise of the Tomb Raider?

How to do a forward or swan dive in Tomb Raider: To dive, you stand on the red markings of a diving platform, jump forward and immediately hit the L trigger. If you press too late, Lara will jump in feet first. If you did it correctly, she'll do a swan dive.

How do you do the swan dive in Tomb Raider Anniversary?

To swan dive off a high cliff or ledge into water, start moving forward toward the edge and then press Jump followed immediately by Crouch. Lara can also swan dive on dry land, as long as the terrain is even and the drop is not too far. She'll hit the ground, tuck and roll.

How do you destroy the metal barriers in Rise of the Tomb Raider?

You can break them any number of ways. You can lug a gas can over and shoot it. You can buy the grenade launcher and destroy them. Lastly, you can get the grenade arrows and destroy them.

How do you make fire arrows in Tomb Raider?

Fire arrows are crafted by holding down the "Craft Special Ammo/Shoot Special Ammo"-button (R1 on PlayStation; RB on Xbox), without aiming first. They can be fired by pressing the "Craft Special Ammo/Shoot Special Ammo"-button while aiming.

How do you get explosive arrows in Rise of the Tomb Raider?

Explosive Arrows are a type of arrow that are rigged with grenade tips to explode on impact. Press Up on the D-Pad to select them. They cost 650 Salvage and require you to have the Competition Bow first.

How do you make a shrapnel grenade in Tomb Raider ps4?

As you emerge from this shack into the waterlogged trench, a brief cutscene teaches how to make SHRAPNEL GRENADES. press Interact to pick up a tin can. (Here Lara has already done so during the cutscene.) Then hold RB/Middle Mouse to combine it with magnesite ore to make a grenade.

How do you make fear arrows?

When you have everything you need, hit Up on the D-pad to cycle between different arrows. Fear Arrows are the one with the spiral and stars. Once you have them selected, all you have to do is hold R1, and you'll craft the Fear Arrows.

How do you kill the walkie talkie in Tomb Raider?

Later, during the section where you fight your way through the streets to reach the tower, you'll find the next walkie talkie (5/6) in the area beyond the metal barrier you have to blow up with a grenade. It's hanging beneath the canopy on the left.