How do you get to the crypt entrance in Soviet installation?

How do you get to the crypt entrance in Soviet installation?

Soviet Installation Crypts Head up it and squeeze through the crack in the cliff, then break the crumbling wall inside the next chamber, go through, and read the plaque on the wall to your left. Further on from here the path will fork. Straight on is a Coin Cache, and the path to the right leads to the crypt itself.

How many tombs are in Rise of the Tomb Raider?


How many crypts are in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

five crypts

How do you get documents on wicked Vale?

DOCUMENT 3 The main walkthrough tells how to get them in order, but if you missed #3, return to the Wicked Vale Base Camp and follow the tunnel to the northeast. Go past the distilling vat and jump into the pool below. Swim to the ledge on the south side to find the document. (Click screenshot to enlarge.)

How do you do the eagle trial in Tomb Raider?

You have to reach the ladder shown on the picture - jump when it's directly in front of Lara. Climb onto the beam, but avoid the moving parts. You have to reach the rotating structure shown above. Wait until it stops in a configuration that allows climbing and start going up.

How do you kill the eagle in shadow of Tomb Raider?

When hunting eagles and condors, use a bow and remember the fact that you are sending the arrow towards a moving target. So don't aim directly at the target, but at the area in the sky where the eagle or condor will fly in a moment. After a few shots you should be able to handle this skill swiftly.

Where is Moraekah in Tomb Raider?

Moraekah by default lives in the Hidden City Paititi - the biggest location in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which you will reach by progressing in the main storyline. The easiest way to meet Moraekah is by taking the side quest called Dice with the Dead, in the Hidden City.

Where do I get the lockpick in Tomb Raider?

Getting Lockpick: It is sold by a merchant in Paititi “The Hidden City”. It costs 2800 Gold Pieces. To unlock the merchant you must finish side mission Takiy's Dice.

How do you get the reinforced knife in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

The Reinforced Knife is an unlockable gadget upgrade in Shadow of the Tomb Raider (SOTTR). It allows you to cut through rope barriers with the knife. Getting Reinforced Knife: It is sold by a merchant at the market square of Paititi “The Hidden City”. It costs 2900 Gold Pieces.

How many side missions are in shadow of the Tomb Raider?


When I get sick a village dies Tomb Raider?

Manu gave the kids a clue in the form of a poem: "I want you to take my supply. I'm nourished when the heavens cry. If I get sick, a village dies. Who am I?" Lara must now Find the Hidden Treasure.