What is KHEI rogue lineage?

What is KHEI rogue lineage?

02:39. The Uber World of Rogue Lineage, Khei, is a prequel of sorts to the game Tales From the Valley(The previous game of Arch_Mage, the developer of Rogue Lineage), as it takes place before Godfall.

Where is Oresfall rogue lineage?

Oresfall is located across Cardinal Gate, at the end of the Royal Woods.

How do I get to Scroomville rogue lineage?

Located in Royal Woods, the entrance into Scroomville is a wooden archway with many scrooms out front. Scrooms line the interior of the archway path as well. Once at the end of the archway, a large magenta lake of poison becomes visible, which lines the pathway to the town of Scroomville.

Where is Fabiana rogue lineage?

Fabiana is the trainer that will allow you to get the base class: Thief. She will teach you 5 skills at 35 silver each. (Total 175 silver.) She is located behind the first house upon entry to the town.

How do I get rid of vampire rogue lineage?

Vampirism can only be cured by drinking a Silver Sun, Being force fed a silver sun will not "cure" an elder vamp (all skills), but drinking one yourself will still work even if an elder vampire.

How do I get Renova rogue lineage?

Location. Renova is located northeast of Sentinel (facing the sea of dust), above the giant's staircase. Getting to Renova is a rather long trip for people with injuries or without mana climb.

How do you lineage a tundra rogue?

There are three ways to do this.

  1. Climb above oresfall and into tundra. ( Need max climb or a spell viable to spellclimb with)
  2. Pay Steve 40 silver to let you in. ( Need super class)
  3. Corner glitch in using the walls to the right and left of the main gate.

How do I get to the sleeping snails lineage in Assassin's Creed Rogue?

Entrance. Located in Tundra, the entrance into Sleeping Snail is a Chaotic door, with 2 snail statues outside.

How do you get a snail?

Lure snails out of hiding.

  1. Identify an area that might house snails. You can usually find snails in cool, damp, shaded environments or near food sources like gardens.
  2. Water the area late in the afternoon. Try to dampen the soil and leave a mist on any low lying vegetation nearby.
  3. Return after dark with a flashlight.