How do I get out of Kukuq Yaku crypt?

How do I get out of Kukuq Yaku crypt?

Exiting the crypt Grapple axe across the pit and aim for one of the pickaxe walls. Work your way to the right, then climb up. Just keep climbing. You'll come to another ledge to climb at the top.

How do I get past the piranhas in Tomb Raider?

If there are piranhas around, you may be able to avoid them by swimming into the grass at the foot of the next flight of stairs. If the way is clear, keep swimming up the stairs and through the doorway on the left. Continue straight ahead (south) past a big opening in the floor to another pocket of trapped air.

Can you kill piranhas in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

Naturally they can only be found in the water. They can not be killed. You just have to outrun them.

How do you get to the hidden city in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

  1. From the Wild Jungle base camp, loop around to the left and follow the shallow water to the south.
  2. When you reach the deep pool near the waterfall, dive down and look to your right to find the entrance to the challenge tomb.
  3. Squeeze through the entrance, then turn left and swim into the tunnel there.

How do you swing back and forth in Tomb Raider?

Just pull the stick down and the rope goes really long. Hold in the trigger again and push forwards/backwards to swing. Yep, easy when you know how.

Does Lara die in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

when i finished the game i didnt understand really the ending. lara killed dr dominguez, but at the same time she got sacrificed by the cenode queen. then suddenly she was alive and sitting in the mansion drinking tea.

Will there be a 4th Tomb Raider game?

The latest title, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, released three years past that in 2018. With the three-year gap between Rise and Shadow, we can assume that the Tomb Raider 4 release date will hit in 2021, with an announcement of the game sometime in early to mid 2020.

Is uncharted similar to Tomb Raider?

There have been many comparisons between Nathan Drake and Lara Croft, with both series starring these characters sharing similarities. The first Uncharted is the best one for Tomb Raider fans, as this contains a jungle setting with puzzles spread out and a fast paced style of action.

Is Just Cause 4 like Uncharted?

If you love the tone and action of Uncharted, Just Cause 4 takes it to the next - albeit more outlandish and goofy - level, with a protagonist called Rico who looks like Nathan Drake's long lost twin.

Can you climb like Nathan Drake?

Sliding, jumping, fighting, Climbing all the way up to a freaking clock tower. ... With extensive training you can get very good at climbing but some moves are impossible. Drake, but also the other characters should also be a lot more muscular than they are if they really were that good at climbing.