What is Crete in English?

What is Crete in English?

Crete in British English (kriːt ) a mountainous island in the E Mediterranean, the largest island of Greece: of archaeological importance for the ruins of Minoan civilization.

What does Cretan mean in Greek?

Cretan (n.) They were proverbial in ancient times as liars; compare Greek noun kretismos "lying," literally "Cretan behavior," and the classical sophism expressing the liar paradox (see one version below). Alternative Cretic (c. 1600) was used especially of a form of verse.

How is μ pronounced?

The Greek Alphabet
Letter Upper, lowerNamePronounced
Κ, κkappaKAH-pah
Λ, λlamthaLAHM-thah
Μ, μmumee
Ν, νnunee

What is μ in math?

The term population mean, which is the average score of the population on a given variable, is represented by: μ = ( Σ Xi ) / N. The symbol 'μ' represents the population mean. The symbol 'Σ Xi' represents the sum of all scores present in the population (say, in this case) X1 X2 X3 and so on.

How do you pronounce zeta in Greek?

The sound represented by zeta in Greek before 400 BCE is disputed. See Ancient Greek phonology and Pronunciation of Ancient Greek in teaching. Most handbooks agree on attributing to it the pronunciation /zd/ (like Mazda), but some scholars believe that it was an affricate /dz/ (like adze).

What does Zeta mean in Italian?

"Z" Is Called "Zeta" in the Italian Language Italian imported two "z" words--zanna and zampa--from the Germanic tribes who invaded the peninsula more than a thousand years ago. Zanna (tooth in German) translates in Italian as fang or tusk, as in le zanne del cinghiale (the boar's tusk).

What is the letter Z in Greek?

Lower-case zeta, the sixth letter of the modern Greek alphabet. Its name is ζήτα and it represents a voiced alveolar fricative: /z/. It is preceded by ε and followed by η.

How do you say Z in American English?

In short, the British pronounce “Z” as /zɛd/ (zed) whereas Americans pronounce it as /ziː/ (zee).