Can foreigners buy real estate in Greece?

Can foreigners buy real estate in Greece?

Property purchase procedures in Greece Any foreigner can become a homeowner in Greece. The country does not apply any restrictions on purchase. On the contrary, nationals of non-EU countries can even benefit from the Golden Visa as long as the minimum amount of their real estate investment is €250,000.

Can I buy a house in Crete?

Anyone can purchase property in here in Crete! Anyone can purchase property in Greece ... there are no longer any restrictions for non-EU citizens. And the purchase procedure is quite straightforward and streamlined, something you might not expect in Greece!

Can I retire to Greece from UK?

Until the UK severs its links with the EU, Britain is still a full member and British people have the right to live, work and retire in Greece like any other EU national.

How can I immigrate to Greece?

Entry Visas for Greece

  1. application form completed either in English or Greek.
  2. passport (valid for at least three months after expiration of visa)
  3. one biometric passport photo.
  4. medical certificate filled out by a licensed doctor.
  5. proof of medical insurance valid in Greece.

How do I become a permanent resident of Greece?

If you plan on getting the permanent residence, you will need to stay in Greece for the larger part of the year (at least 183 days). On meeting all immigration requirements, you'll be able to apply for permanent residence in five years and citizenship in 10 years.

How long does a Greek residence permit last?

The government of Greece introduced a procedure to obtain residence permits, which can be renewed every five (5) years, for owners of real estate by third-country citizens, the value of which exceeds €250.

Can I buy Greek citizenship?

Sure, you can invest in Greek real estate and obtain citizenship that way – in fact, Greece is one of the cheapest places where you can get a residence by investment. But if you don't want to spend that kind of money, you can opt for citizenship by descent.

How much money do I need to move to Greece?

A budget-conscious expat can live comfortably in Greece for no more than $2,000 a month.

How much does it cost to build a house in Crete?

It depends on what you want, and where. Realistically, you will need a minimum of around €100,000 for a completed 3 bedroom property. We can of course find you a traditional house in need of renovation for less than that, but the additional renovation costs tend to be around 1-3 times the purchase price.

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