What is drop water?

What is drop water?

Drop Water is a new way to distribute and sell bottled drinks. Our method is designed from the ground up to be healthy for our customers and eco-friendly for our planet.

What does drops refer to?

A drop or droplet is a small column of liquid, bounded completely or almost completely by free surfaces. ... Drops may also be formed by the condensation of a vapor or by atomization of a larger mass of liquid.

What did Lencho consider the rain drops like?

Lencho had said that the raindrops were like coins because the rain helps the crops to grow better. If the crops grow better, he will get more profit.

Why did Lencho compare the rain drops to new coins?

The rain drops looked like new coins to him. He compared the raindrops with new coins because the rain indicated a good harvest that year. He was very hopeful that the corn harvest would bring him a good amount of money.

What did the postmaster do then?

The postmaster gatherd some money from his employees and he himself also gave part of his salary and sended it to Lencho. In order to keep the writer's faith in God alive, the postmaster decided to answer the letter. He himself gave a part of his salary. ...

What were Lencho feeling when the hail stopped?


Who was Lencho what were his main problems?

Lencho was a farmer who, when his crops were ruined, wrote a letter to God. He wrote to God, asking for hundred pesos. His main problem was the ruining of his crops by hailstorms. The hailstorm proved to much disastrous than the locusts and therefore, he was left with no food stock for the following year.

What was the problem in front of Lencho?

The main problem that he faced was a hailstorm which completely destroyed his crops which eventually made him feel sad and dejected. Being concerned about his future, he wrote a letter to God asking financial support. The postmaster sends him money in the name of God to retain his faith in God.

Why did Lencho not want the money?

Lencho did not want the money to be sent through the mail because he did not trust the post office employees and he assumed that they would have stolen money from his envelope. Lencho got angry when he counted the money. ... Therefore, he concluded that the post office employees must have taken the remaining thirty pesos.

How do you know that Lencho was a hardworking farmer?

Lencho was the hardworking farmer who had great faith in God. Due to his faith in God, he wrote a letter to the God asking hundred pesos for sowing field. He sows the seeds and waited for the harvest time. But the hailstorm destroyed it which made him to write letter to God.

Where is Lencho's house?

Answer: Lencho's house was located on the crest of a low hill and was the only one in the entire valley. Lencho was a poor farmer . He had a great faith in god .

Who was Lencho What was he like?

Lencho, a hardworking and poor farmer, always worked as an ox in his field. He worked very hard to support his family and fulfil their needs. He was an optimist, so when his crops were completely destroyed by the hailstorm, he became worried about his family.

What type of man was Lencho?


Are there people like Lencho?

Answer. No, there cannot be a person like Lencho because he was extremely a religious and a hard working person. Lencho was a hard working farmer who writes a letter when his crops got ruined. He was extremely upset because of the ruined and the damaged crops.

How is Lencho as a human?

Lencho was a very sensitive and a very faithful person . He truly believes in God . He was a hard working and an honourable person .

What kind of person would you say Lencho is?

Answer. Lencho was a naive and a stupid person. He believed God to take care of everything. He was faithful in God and had written a letter to God asking for a hundred pesos in order to sow his field again and again.

Did Lencho try to find out who has sent the money?

No, Lencho does not try to find out who had sent the money to him. This is because he never suspected that it could be anybody else other than God who would send him the money. His faith in God was so strong that he believed that God had sent him the money.

Who was Lencho?

Answer. Lencho was a hard-working farmer who was growing corn in his fields and was waiting for rain apprehensively. He was also a very religious man, who had lots of faith in God. ... The postmaster sends him money in the name of God to retain his faith in God.

Who read the letter?

Lencho wrote a letter to the God, explained his situation and asked for some money from God. Question 6: Who read the letter? Answer: The postmaster read the letter.

What is the irony in the lesson a letter to God?

In the lesson “a Letter to God”, the irony is that Lencho's field is destroyed due to a hailstorm and his family and he have no food for the rest of the year. Because, of his immense faith in God, he writes a letter to God beseeching him that God send him a hundred pesos, so that he can sow his land again.

Who is Mandela not free?


Who was the first person to read the letter?

Answer. Answer:The postmaster read the letter. He saw Lencho's faith in God was so powerful so in order to save his faith, He decided to help Lencho.

When did it start raining a letter to God?

Answer: The big drops of rain began to fall when Lencho and his family were having dinner.

What did the postmaster need to answer the letter how did he collect it?

This made postmaster to write a letter to lencho. Then he parted of his salary and collected money from his employees. He put the entire money into an envelope and sent it to lencho signing himself god. That's how he collected the money.

What did the postmaster need to answer the letter?

Answer: The postmaster sent money to Lencho in order to keep Lencho's faith in God alive. He turned serious when he read Lencho's letter and wished he had the same faith in God. Even after he saw that Lencho had requested for money, he stuck to his resolution of answering the letter.

How many sons did Lencho have?

2 kids

What made Lencho angry?

Lencho became angry when he counted the money that God had sent him. ... He believed that the post office employees have stolen the rest of the amount because God could never make a mistake. Also, God would never deny Lencho what he had requested.

How did the postmaster collect money?

The postmaster collected some money from his employees. He himself gave a part of his salary. He also made several of the friends to contribute for the noble cause.