Is Christmas with the Coopers the same as love the Coopers?

Is Christmas with the Coopers the same as love the Coopers?

Love the Coopers (titled Christmas with the Coopers in the UK and Ireland) is a 2015 American Christmas comedy-drama film directed by Jessie Nelson and written by Steven Rogers.

Who is Bucky in love the Coopers?

Alan Arkin

Is Christmas with the Coopers on Netflix?

Christmas with the Coopers | Netflix.

What breed is the dog in Christmas with the Coopers?

St. Bernard-Australian shepherd mix

Where was the Coopers filmed?


Does Amazon Prime have love the Coopers?

Watch Love The Coopers | Prime Video.

What channel is love the Coopers on?


What is the movie love the Coopers about?

For their annual Christmas Eve celebration, Sam Cooper (John Goodman) and his wife Charlotte (Diane Keaton) welcome four generations of extended family, including son Hank (Ed Helms), daughter Eleanor (Olivia Wilde) and Charlotte's father, Bucky (Alan Arkin). Sam and Charlotte are separating after 40 years of marriage, while Hank is in the middle of a divorce. As the guests reveal their respective problems, they also rediscover the importance of kinship and the spirit of the holiday.

Was love the Coopers filmed in Pittsburgh?

Love The Coopers was filmed in many local spots in Pittsburgh, including private homes in the town of Sewickley and Edgewood.

When was Love the coopers made?


How old is John Goodwin?

68 years (J)