How far is Coopers Beach from Auckland?

How far is Coopers Beach from Auckland?

235 km

How far is Cape Reinga from Coopers Beach?

98 km

How far is Cooper Beach from Kerikeri?

48 km

How far is mangonui from Auckland?

234 km

What does mangonui mean?

great or big shark

How long is Coopers Beach?


Where is doubtless Bay?

New Zealand

How far is doubtless Bay from Auckland?

247 km

Why is doubtless bay called Doubtless Bay?

In December 1769 Captain James Cook of the 'Endeavour' sailed past the entrance to Doubtless Bay, recording in his journal that it was 'doubtless a bay', hence the name.

How far is Taipa from Auckland?

237 km

What can you do in Paihia for free?

11 free activities in Paihia

  • Visit Haruru Falls.
  • Catch the amazing view from the golf course.
  • Become an eco-volunteer.
  • Tackle an ocean swimming circuit.
  • Swim with stingrays.
  • Ride the Twin Coast Cycleway.
  • Catch your dinner like a local.
  • Walk from Paihia to Opua.

Is it worth driving to Cape Reinga?

First of all, Cape Reinga is quite a long drive away from the nearest town. However, the view was spectacular! I would also recommend you visiting the 90 mile beach and the sand dunes will you're here to make your trip fully worth it.

Can you drive down 90 Mile Beach?

The beach is officially a highway, but it's only suitable for four wheel drive vehicles and when the tide is high it's impossible to drive on. The long and narrow beach is lined with high sand dunes and bordered by the dense, green Aupouri Forest. Gentle waves crash against the sand and the dune grasses gently sway.

Why is 90 Mile Beach called that?

Ninety Mile Beach History Ninety Mile Beach is actually around 55 miles (88 kilometres) long. The story goes that the early European settlers named it because they knew their horses could travel up to 30 miles in a day. ... Unfortunately, they didn't account for the slower pace of travelling on sand.

Where does 90 mile beach start?

The beach is just over 151 kilometres (94 mi) in length, running north-eastward from a spit near Port Albert to the man-made channel at Lakes Entrance. Behind the beach are long sandy dunes that separate the Gippsland Lakes from Bass Strait.

Can you drive Cape Reinga?

It is possible to drive from Auckland to Cape Reinga in only two days, as the total drive time in one direction can be as short as six hours. However, it's better to take your time and see some of the attractions along the way.

How many hours drive from Auckland to Cape Reinga?

six hours

Is the road to Cape Reinga sealed?

It is a very beautiful spot and is located at the northern end of the North Island of New Zealand. It is about a 3 hour drive from Kerikeri, and about 1.

Is Whangarei worth visiting?

Whangarei is largely underestimated and worth a visit. When one considers the beauty of the location and the beautiful walks, it seems inconceivable that Whangarei can be overlooked by most of foreign tourists. ... Whangarei is like a pearl close to a diamond (the Bay of Islands).

How long does it take to drive from Paihia to Cape Reinga?

three hours

Why is Cape Reinga important?

For Māori, Cape Reinga is the most spiritually significant place in New Zealand. An ancient pohutukawa tree and a lonely lighthouse mark this special place. It is here that after death, all Māori spirits travel up the coast and over the wind-swept vista to the pohutukawa tree on the headland of Te Rerenga Wairua.

How long is Cape Reinga walk?


What is the longest beach in NZ?

Ripiro Beach

How do you get to Cape Reinga?

Getting there Cape Reinga/Te Rerenga Wairua is located at the northernmost area of New Zealand, approximately 111 km north of Kaitaia. Follow State Highway 1 north to Waitiki Landing, continuing another 20 km to Cape Reinga/Te Rerenga Wairua. Cape Reinga Road gets very busy over the summer months.