What can you do at Coopers Rock?

What can you do at Coopers Rock?

As a local favorite and a hidden gem for tourists, Coopers Rock State Forest extends 12,747-acres through Monongalia and Preston counties, offering a variety of hiking trails, rock climbing, biking, cross country skiing, fishing, bird watching, sightseeing, and many more recreational activities.

How far is Coopers Rock from Morgantown?

about 13 miles

How long is Coopers Rock Trail?


How do you get to Coopers Rock Overlook?

The best part is that you can get to it about 20 minutes from Morgantown in Coopers Rock State Park. The access to the overlook is a short flat walking distance from the parking area (about 100-150 ft) where you'll find at the very end of the road into the park ending at the trading post.

What time does Coopers Rock Close?

Cooper's Rock closes the gate at "dusk." I usually ask at the park office each visit. over a year ago. 5:00 P.M. daily at the concession stand. Otherwise, you need to be out by dusk.

How did Coopers Rock get its name?

“It's actually named after a profession - a cooper - someone who builds barrels,” he said. Coopers often build barrels used for aging bourbon. The legend is that a fugitive cooper lived in this forest near Coopers Rock in the early 1800s./span>

What is a Cooper?

A cooper is a person trained to make wooden casks, barrels, vats, buckets, tubs, troughs and other similar containers from timber staves that were usually heated or steamed to make them pliable. Journeymen coopers also traditionally made wooden implements, such as rakes and wooden-bladed shovels.

What county is Coopers Rock in?

Coopers Rock State Forest is a 12,747-acre (52 km2) state forest in Monongalia and Preston counties in the U.S. state of West Virginia. Its southern edge abuts Cheat Lake and the canyon section of Cheat River, a popular whitewater rafting river in the eastern United States.