Who killed Count Rugen?

Who killed Count Rugen?


How many times does Inigo Montoya say?

"Inconceivable" is said five times. And the famous line "My name is Inigo Montoya..." is said six times.

Does Christopher Guest have 6 fingers?

During a Reddit AMA to promote his new HBO show The Family Tree (mini-review: I've only watched two episodes; the first was super slow, but it definitely got better by episode two), Guest said that he owns the six-fingered glove that he wore during The Princess Bride that made it appear as though he had an extra finger ...

What does Inigo Montoya mean?

Inigo Montoya is a Spanish-born swordsman who, through years of revenge-fueled study, becomes one of the top two swordsmen in the world.

Is Christopher Guest married?

Jamie Lee Curtism. 1984

Is Jamie Lee Curtis a grandmother?

Helen Schwartzvia Tony Curtis

Who did Annie Guest marry?

Jason Wolf

Why does Michael Myers kill?

Michael's reason to kill being simply because he wants people to fear him makes him a scary and dangerous character again, as he could kill pretty much anyone, though he now has a special mission as there are three women who escaped, and this makes his journey (and Laurie's) more interesting.

Why does Michael Myers wear a mask?

This info can be found in the Halloween: The Inside Story. They tested out the Capt. Kirk mask and the crew decided that it was much more creepy because it was emotionless, much like Michael himself. This became the Michael Myers mask.

Why was Michael Myers so angry?

Michael Audrey Myers is so angry because he's infected with the Thorn-cult, (Futhark Alphabet: Thurisaz), this makes him kill all his familymembers, for offering one family is to save another. He heard a voice who told him to kill his sister Judith Margaret Myers...

Did Michael Myers ever show his face?

Michael didn't show his face again until 1989 with Halloween 5, where he was played by stuntman Don Shanks.

Why does Michael Myers only kill adults?

The only human affects Michael ever experience are anger or confusion. Jason kills because he gets scared when he sees new people near his woods, and doesn't know how to socialize. Michael kills because he wants to feel the way he did the night he murdered his sister.

Why does Michael Myers hate his sister?

He's insane and he no doubt resents her for being normal or just for being. His childhood murderous rage has its genesis in not being able to go trick or treating due to his parents going out to dinner and his sister Judith babysitting himwhile entertaining her teenage lover. She doesn't take him either.

Why does Michael Myers never talk?

Though the exact reason is never given, it is assumed that Myers became silent after he murdered his sister. Upon being discovered outside the home by parents and police, then subsequently transferred to a mental facility, 6 year old Michael Myers never spoke again.

Did Michael Myers have a baby?

Steven Lloyd is a minor character in the Halloween series. He is the only son and child of Jamie Lloyd and serial killer Michael Myers, also being the latter's grand-nephew.

Is Michael Myers the father of Jamie baby?

Notes. It should be noted that in the Producer's Cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, it is heavily implied that the Cult of Thorn forced Michael to rape Jamie and got her pregnant, resulting in him being the father of the baby.

Who broke Michael Myers out of jail?

Dr. Terrence Wynn

Did Laurie Strode have a son?

Laurie became a teacher and had a son, John (Josh Harnett), who attended the school she worked at. Michael found out all about Laurie's new life and whereabouts and went after her, killing John's friends in the process.

Why is Michael obsessed with Laurie?

Laurie body was good looking and reminded him of his sister...a psycho sexual thing. ... Michael goes after Laurie because she was the one that got away. He wants to finish what he started. He found a sister-like figure in Laurie, and he's become fixated on her.

Why did Michael kill his sister?

He killed his older sister because she was supposed to take him trick or treating and she reneged to makeout/ have sex with her boyfriend. He stabbed the older sister and her boyfriend.

Why did Laurie Strode abandon her daughter?

Here it goes: Laurie Strode ditched her daughter at the mercy of Michael Myers in Illinois while she changed her identity and moved to California to live the good life…and that makes her a very bad mother.

How does Laurie Strode die?

Laurie Strode was the protagonist of Halloween and Halloween II, but Jamie Lee Curtis decided to not go back to Haddonfield for Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, and so Laurie died in a car accident prior to the events in that film.

Why is Michael Myers so strong?

'Michael Myers' is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. As such, he is not limited by human frailty like death; and if he were, Hollywood would not be able to keep his franchise (movies he's part of) going, and make money off of his 'inhuman-ness. ... He is strong because he isn't human. He is led by dark forces.

What mental illness does Michael Myers have?

Michael has a disorder called catatonia. Michael Myers is sometimes disabled from moving whenever he either sits or stands. This makes sense because it explains why Michael walks after his victims rather than runs. He exhibits stupor also which is an inherited disorder.

Will Michael Myers ever speak?

However, he never actually speaks during this sequence, as he's next seen escaping from Smith's Grove Sanitarium 15 years later, as a grown man. Throughout the infamous "Night He Came Home," Michael never speaks, nor does he utter a word during any of the six Halloween sequels he appears in.

Is Michael Myers a human?

Michael escaped after his confrontation with Laurie and Loomis. ... Michael, as a human, is that and it makes 'Halloween' (1978) a great film.

What is the deal with Michael Myers?

As a child, Michael was admitted into a psychiatric hospital for the murder of his older sister, Judith Myers. After 15 years of captivity, Myers broke out of the asylum and started his killing spree, with the intention to murder his remaining family relatives and anyone who would get in his way.

Is Jason immortal?

He isn't harmed by being set on fire. So it varies from movie to movie, but at this point in his evolution, Jason is basically immortal.

Does Michael Myers take his mask off?

We wouldn't get to see Michael's face again until all the way when Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers was released. Once again towards the end of the film, Michael Myers removes his mask when he's about to kill his niece Jamie and she begs to see his face.

How did Michael Myers get cursed?

The Curse of Thorn is placed on a child by a leader of the Thorn Cult. It commands that child to kill his entire family as a blood sacrifice to keep the cult alive. ... It turns the child into pure evil. The Curse of Thorn was placed on Michael Myers by Dr.