How do I change my color scheme in Xcode?

How do I change my color scheme in Xcode?

You can customize the appearance of source code and console text by changing their colors and fonts in Fonts & Colors preferences.

  1. Choose Xcode > Preferences and click Fonts & Colors.
  2. Click either Source Editor or Console near the top of the preferences window.
  3. Select a theme in the left column.

Is the color purple a true story?

A gentler soul, Alice Walker had a more charitable view of Steven Spielberg when he and musician Quincy Jones approached her in 1984 about making a movie of her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, “The Color Purple.” True, Spielberg was white. True, he was male. ... Meanwhile, Walker was suffering from undiagnosed Lyme disease.

What is the message of the color purple?

The Color Purple can be a harsh read at times, but it's ultimately a book about the power of love—both romantic and familial. Celie's first experience with love comes from her relationship with h...

Is purple a Colour?

Purple, unlike violet, is not one of the colors of the visible spectrum. It was not one of the colors of the rainbow identified by Isaac Newton, and it does not have its own wavelength of light. For this reason, it is called a non-spectral color. ... This shade is sometimes called electric purple (See shades of purple).

What inspired the color purple?

The 1982 novel “The Color Purple,” by Alice Walker, was inspired, in part, by a story that Walker's sister told her, about a love triangle involving their grandfather. (Walker, who grew up in rural Georgia in the forties and fifties, was the eighth child of a sharecropper and a domestic.)

Who is the main character in The Color Purple?


What time period was the color purple set in?

tone The tone is very confessional and uninhibited, as Celie's letters to God are private, much like journal entries. setting (time) 1910–1940. Though The Color Purple is a historical novel, it never refers to any factual events.

Where was the color purple banned?

Alice Walker's epistolary tale of sexism, racism and poverty in rural Georgia was challenged dozens of times since 1984 and removed or banned from at least five school libraries across the United States between 1984 and 2010.

When was the Lorax banned?


What character did Oprah play in the color purple?

At the time, the movie's cast was virtually unknown. Oprah made her big-screen debut as Sofia shortly after landing her own talk show, and Whoopi Goldberg, the woman who landed the role of Celie, was performing comedy and one-woman shows when she was discovered.