What is AU58 coin grade?

What is AU58 coin grade?

Indeed, AU58 is the highest whole grade awarded by the major TPGs to circulated coins, with AU58+ bestowed upon especially nice AU58s that are but a light rub away from receiving a technical Mint State grade. Many folks will pay heavy premiums over AU58 prices to obtain an AU58+.

What does PF70 mean?

What does it mean to be PF70? How are grades determined? NGC defines a PF70 coin as “having no post-production imperfections at 5x magnification.” In short, a “perfect” coin.

What are the grading terms for coins?

Definition of Coin Grading Terms

  • Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) / Fleur de Coin (FDC) ...
  • Gem Uncirculated (GEM) ...
  • Choice Uncirculated (CHU) ...
  • Uncirculated (UNC) ...
  • Almost Uncirculated (aUNC) ...
  • Good Extremely Fine or Good Extra Fine (gEF or gXF) ...
  • Extremely Fine or Extra Fine (EF or XF)

What does MS67 grade mean?

MS67. Coin has a sharp strike with full, original luster, May have three or four very small contact marks and a single, more noticeable, but not detracting mark. On comparable coins, one or two small single hairlines may show under (6x+) magnification, or one or two partially hidden scuff marks or flaws may be present.

What is the highest grade for a coin?

For most of numismatic history, the highest possible grade on the familiar 1-to-70 coin grading scale was an ideal to be considered rather than a realistic grade to be attained.

What does PCGS MS67 mean?

Above average strike

What do PCGS numbers mean?

Each coin number identifies the type of coin by date, denomination, variety (if any), and designation. ...

What does Anacs mean?

America's Oldest Grading Service

What does PCGS Genuine mean?

> For practical purposes, it means the coin is genuine but not problem free or market acceptable. Some altered surfaces are unacceptable while others, like chop marks, are acceptable.

What does genuine not gradable mean?

Q: What does "Genuine, not gradable" mean? A: Occasionally, the experts at PCGS encounter coins which, for one reason or another, cannot be authenticated or graded. These "No Grade" coins fall into three categories: problem coins, inconclusive, or ineligible.

What does UNC Details mean?

no wear

Should you clean an old coin?

In general, old coins should not be cleaned. While you might think that getting all the years of dirt and grime off a coin would make it more valuable, the opposite is actually true! By cleaning a coin, you may actually damage it and decrease its value. At worst, you could permanently damage the coin.

What are the special years for wheat pennies?

The wheat penny is a classic iconic early 21st century American coin with a face value of 1 cent that was minted from 1909 to 1956.

Is a 1776-1976 half dollar worth anything?

1964 half dollars (as well as their 40% silver brothers) were hoarded heavily, so their numismatic (collectible) value is relatively low compared to their silver bullion value....
Kennedy Half Dollar Values (Business Strikes)

Are Bicentennial 50 cent pieces worth anything?

Value: As a rough estimate of this coins value you can assume this coin in average condition will be valued at somewhere around 50 cents, while one in certified mint state (MS+) condition could bring as much as $3 at auction.

Are bicentennial coins valuable?

Most Bicentennial quarters are worth at least $5 in Mint State. Any piece in circulated condition is generally only worth its face value. In other words, 25 cents. Bicentennial quarters were made to commemorate America's 200th birthday.