What happens Darkstalker?

What happens Darkstalker?

These abilities combined made Darkstalker the most powerful dragon in Pyrrhia, which ultimately lead to his downfall; his partner, Clearsight, and his best friend, Fathom, betrayed him for the sake of the world as they knew it, putting him in a semi-permanent sleep under Agate Mountain with an enchanted moonstone ...

Is Darkstalker a bad guy?

Darkstalker was a villain with good intentions, which made him really, really bad. ... Despite both Clearsight and Darkstalker being able to see the future, Clearsight being able to see every future, this book proved just how much that power can fail you.

Who is the main villain in Wings of Fire?


Does Darkstalker die in Wings of Fire?

Darkstalker is dead as he was turned into peacemaker in Darkness of dragons.

Why did Darkstalker kill Arctic?

In the Night Kingdom, Winter explains to his friends the reason the IceWings hate NightWings and the legend of Darkstalker; his tribe believed that Foeslayer stole Arctic and became his partner to bring animus magic to the NightWing tribe, and Darkstalker killed Arctic so he couldn't bring it back to the IceWings.

Does winter die Wings of Fire?

Peril tried not to hurt him, but they collided and Winter fell to the ground, badly burned and at the brink of death. He told Peril to tell Moon something before he lost consciousness, most likely trying to tell Moon he loved her.

Does Darkstalker kill Indigo?

Darkstalker wanted revenge, so she was eventually trapped in a dragon carving by Darkstalker, and Indigo was stuck in there until near the end of the book where Fathom used his animus magic to free her.

How tall is Darkstalker Wings of Fire?

If Turtle describes Darkstalker as "at least three times as big as the biggest full-grown dragons" he had seen, and a dragon perhaps around twenty-two feet tall is the biggest full-grown dragon he has seen, that would mean Darkstalker is around... sixty-six feet tall.

Is clearsight still alive?

Clearsight died because of old age. ... That she hadn't died and was alive in that huge savanna cave in The Lost Continent with some of dragons.

How old is Darkstalker Wings of Fire?

Recalculated explanation; Darkstalker was 6 and 2/3 years old when he was buried under Agate Mountain. And Clearsight was 5 and 3/4 at the end of Darkstalker Legends.

Do tsunami and Riptide get together?

Riptide and Tsunami have romantic feelings for each other. Initially, Tsunami wasn't sure what to think of him as she doesn't like being lied to, but after some time she decided that she liked him. It was confirmed by Tui T. Sutherland that the two are in a long-distance relationship.

Does tsunami become queen?

No. Tsunami is awsome, and should have a chance to prove it. Being Queen comes to mind.