What are Chaitya caves?

What are Chaitya caves?

Chaityas are buddhist prayer halls that house a stupa . The word chaitya has its roots in sanskrit chita ~ meaning a pyre or a pile of ashes. The ancient rock-cut buddhist caves of Ajanta were built during the 2nd century BC ~ 6th century AD. All these caves and sculptures are carved out of the rocky hills of Ajanta.

What is Chaitya and Vihara?

Viharas were for the purpose of living, Chaityas were assemblies for the purpose of discussions. Further, Chaityas were with Stupas, Viharas did not have stupas. ... Chaitya was a rectangular prayer hall with a stupa placed in the centre, the purpose was prayer.

Which cave is for religious discussion?

Badami Cave Temples

Which is the biggest cave of Ajanta?

While vivid colours and mural wall-painting were abundant in Indian history as evidenced by historical records, Caves 16, 17, 1 and 2 of Ajanta form the largest corpus of surviving ancient Indian wall-painting....Ajanta Caves.
UNESCO World Heritage Site
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What is difference between Ajanta and Ellora caves?

While Ajanta is mostly about beautiful paintings made on cave walls on the theme of Buddhism, Ellora is all about sculpture and architecture belonging to three different religions prevailing in the country during those times—Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. ... There were two types of caves—Vihara and Chaitya griha.

Which is better Ajanta caves or Ellora caves?

Ajanta caves are all on a single hill - horse-shoe shaped. The caves are closer when compared to Ellora. Ajanta is fully dedicated to Buddhism and is known for paintings rather than sculptures, unlike Ellora. Cave 1 is one of the best of the bunch there.

Which day Ellora Caves closed?

The most important thing to know is that ellora caves is closed on Sunday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday.

Is photography allowed in Ajanta caves?

Photography will be allowed in all of the monuments and archaeological sites administered by the ASI, except the mausoleum at Taj Mahal, the Ajanta Caves and the Leh Palace, the order said. The ASI administers and manages 3,686 ancient monuments and archaeological sites, and remains of national importance.

How much time does it take to see Ellora caves?

3 to 4 hours

Why is Ellora caves famous?

Ellora (also known as Elura and, in ancient times, as Elapura) is a sacred site in Maharastra, central India. The Ellora Caves are listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is celebrated for its Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain temples and monuments which were carved from the local cliff rock in the 6th to 8th century CE.

Which are the youngest of the Ajanta caves?

600 years old

How far is Ellora caves from Shirdi?

110 KM

How far is Ellora from Ajanta?

The caves of Ellora are only at a 45 minutes distance while those in Ajanta are 1.

How far is Ajanta caves from Shirdi?

155 km

How many caves are there in Ajanta?

29 caves

How far is trimbakeshwar from Shirdi?

116 Kms

How far is Shani Shingnapur from Aurangabad?

76 km

How far is Ajanta Ellora from Aurangabad?

Ajanta is 120 Kms & Ellora caves is 40 Kms from Aurangabad. Ellora Cave is a World Heritage Site and the most visited ancient monument in Maharashtra State. With the Ellora caves Ajanta is also the major tourist attraction of the Marathwada region of Maharashtra.

How far is Shani Shingnapur from Pune?

141 km

How far is Shani Shingnapur from Mumbai?

The distance between Mumbai and Shani Shingnapur is 212 km. The road distance is 298.

How can I go to Shani Shingnapur?

Shani Shingnapur By Train The nearest railway stations to Shani Shingnapur are Rahuri (32 km), Ahmednagar (35 km), and Shrirampur (54 km), Shirdi Railway Station (75 km). One can avail trains from these stations to varied destinations.

How do I get from Shani Shingnapur to trimbakeshwar?

You can take a train from Shani Shingnapur to Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple via Rahuri, Manmad Jn, and Nasik Road in around 5h 42m. India's national rail operator runs passenger and freight trains on both long-distance and suburban routes across the country, from slower multi-stop to faster and more comfortable services.

How can I go to Shirdi from Mumbai?

Popular Train routes to Mumbai The fastest train to Mumbai from Shirdi is 22148 Snsi Dr Sup Fast. From Shirdi, the train takes 5hr 50min hours to reach Mumbai. The train starts at from Shirdi SNSI and reaches Mumbai CSMT at 22148 Snsi Dr Sup Fast operates on Sat.