What is Chaitya and Vihar?

What is Chaitya and Vihar?

Viharas were for the purpose of living, Chaityas were assemblies for the purpose of discussions. Further, Chaityas were with Stupas, Viharas did not have stupas. ... Chaitya was a rectangular prayer hall with a stupa placed in the centre, the purpose was prayer.

How many Chaitya caves are in Ajanta?

30 caves

Why is Ajanta cave famous?

The UNESCO Heritage site of Ajanta caves is located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. These caves were excavated as a part of the first wave of cave architecture in India. It became an important center for Buddhist religion and art under the enlightened patronage of the Vakataka rulers./span>

Who takes care of Ajanta caves?

The site is a protected monument in the care of the Archaeological Survey of India, and since 1983, the Ajanta Caves have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Ajanta Caves constitute ancient monasteries and worship-halls of different Buddhist traditions carved into a 75-metre (246 ft) wall of rock.

What are the features of Ajanta caves?

The caves, cut into the face of a mountain, form a horseshoe shape around the Wangorah River. They are an example of one of Indian's unique artistic traditions known as rock cut temples. Ajanta consists of thirty caves, each dedicated to the life of the Buddha.

Who is the founder of Ajanta?

Odhavji Raghavji Patel

What does agenda mean?

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How do you know if you have a hidden agenda?

2. They constantly revisit a certain subject. This one-track-mindedness is the most telltale sign of a hidden agenda. Again, it's about achieving the mission for these people, so it doesn't benefit them when the conversation strays away from a direct route to getting what they want./span>

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What is another word for hidden?

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What's another word for agenda?

What is another word for agenda?

What part of speech is agenda?

Agenda, “things to be done,” is the plural of the Latin gerund agendum and is used today in the sense “a plan or list of matters to be acted upon.” In that sense it is treated as a singular noun; its plural is usually agendas: The agenda is ready for distribution.