How do you get the chasing Jill achievement?

How do you get the chasing Jill achievement?

Read a letter left behing by Jill to unlock "Chasing Jill" achievement in Resindent Evil 2 Remake.

What are the secret achievements in re2?

Hidden trophies

  • Welcome to the city of the Dead - Make it to the police station (Bronze)
  • Path to the Goddess - Solve the Goddess Statue puzzle (Bronze)
  • Hide and Seek - Complete Sherry's segment (Bronze)
  • A Great Need for a Shower - Escape from the sewers (Bronze)

How do you get S rank re2?

S Rank Clear Conditions

  1. Clear within 3 hours and 30 minutes (For Scenario A Standard)
  2. Clear within 3 hours (For Scenario B Standard)
  3. Clear within 2 hours and 30 minutes (For Scenario A Hardcore)
  4. Clear within 2 hours (For Scenario B Hardcore)

How do I get Gotcha trophy?

In order to obtain this trophy, you must defeat "G" during your second fight by using the crane with the container only once. It is recommended that you try this trophy in the assisted difficulty, since G will be weaker, and you will be able to stagger him more easily.

How do you beat Stage 2 G on Crane once?

To do this, you need to damage the G Tyrant Stage 2 enough where only one swing will do it. So start the battle by pressing the button, moving the Crane back. Now attack the G Tyrant until it is fazed several times, or until you can hold out as long as you can with the weapons and ammo you have, before using the Crane.