Why was Crossing Jordan Cancelled?

Why was Crossing Jordan Cancelled?

Crossing Jordan premiered in 2001 on NBC; originally scheduled to debut on September 11, its launch was pushed back due to the terrorist attacks on that date. It aired on Mondays, Fridays, Sundays and finally Wednesdays for its final episodes.

Can I Stream Crossing Jordan?

Watch Crossing Jordan Episodes at NBC.com.

Who killed Jordan Cavanaugh's mother?

There was no record of it in any data base. The print was later identified (by Jordan 20 years later) as James's. As to who killed Emily it's still unknown, though it's speculated that Malden or Jeffers killed her to keep Malden's secret about having an affair and a child with Emily.

Who died on Crossing Jordan?

Miguel Ferrer

What happened to Lou on Crossing Jordan?

Since then, Lu became a frequent collaborator with the ME's office on cases and struck up a relationship with Hoyt; it is not known how she dealt with Woody's long distance relationship with Sam Marquez. But in the episode "33 Bullets" (6x03), she was killed after being shot during a Boston riot.

What happened to Evelyn on Crossing Jordan?

Evelyn was widowed and her children grown. She was a little bit of a control freak putting Max on a 'healthy' diet and getting him to work out and such. She wasn't too fond of Jordan when she moved back home.

What was in the trunk on Crossing Jordan?

Jordan's quest for her mother's killer leads her to the trunk of an abandoned Ford and the 23-year-old skeleton of a murdered Boston detective.

What is the last episode of Crossing Jordan?


What does it mean to cross Jordan?

Symbolism. Because, according to Jewish tradition, the Israelites made a difficult and hazardous journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land, the Jordan can refer to freedom. The actual crossing is the final step of the journey, which is then complete.

What happened to James on Crossing Jordan?

James killed Malden (he claimed self-defense) in 2003.. James was taken in by the Horton family. They lived in rather direr straight (close to poverty—though there are two episodes that contradict themselves on this matter).

How did Elaine die on Crossing Jordan?

Escherichia coli infection

Where does Crossing Jordan take?

Las Vegas

Was Crossing Jordan filmed in Boston?

"Crossing Jordan" which is filmed on the back lot of Universal Studios, in Los Angeles, California, is set in Boston, Massachusetts.

What happened to Devon on Crossing Jordan?

Devan was just beginning to develop a close relationship with Woody when she apparently died in a plane crash between Washington D.C. and Boston in the episode "Fire From the Sky."...Dr Devan Maguire.
Doctor Devan Maguire
Last appearanceFire From the Sky