How do you get a concept?

How do you get a concept?

Select the most inspiring idea you've generated and ask yourself: “What am I trying to do with this idea?” The answer to this question is the concept behind your idea. Watch out! Be aware that a single idea can harbour many concepts. Write down the different answers to your question and pick the most inspiring concept.

How do you develop a concept in design?

5 great steps for designing a concept

  1. Who am I designing for? It is necessary to research a project before you jump into it. ...
  2. Competitor Research. Research the competitors. ...
  3. Be inspired. Take inspiration from quality design. ...
  4. Always sketch your ideas (lo-fi wireframes) ...
  5. Concept development.

What are the four stages in the concept generation process?

The basic design process is constructed of four steps or phases: Research/Definition, Concept Development, Concept Refinement, and Finalization.

How do you get design ideas?

11 best ways to brainstorm creative ideas

  1. Making notes is important, or you'll lose track of what you said.
  2. Look for inspiration outside of the area of design you're working on.
  3. Asking questions goes to the heart of the brainstorming process.
  4. Walk away from the computer and embrace physical tools like paint brushes.