What does it mean to make something concrete?

What does it mean to make something concrete?

verb (used with object), con·cre·tized, con·cre·tiz·ing. to make concrete, real, or particular; give tangible or definite form to:to concretize abstractions.

What does not concrete mean?

adj. 3 relating to a particular instance or object; specific as opposed to general. a concrete example. a relating to or characteristic of things capable of being perceived by the senses, as opposed to abstractions.

What is a concrete idea?

a concrete idea or term; a word or notion having an actual or existent thing or instance as its referent.

What is the weakness of concrete?

1. Concrete is Quasi-brittle Material. Three major modes of failure of materials are brittle, quasi-brittle failure, and ductile failure. Typical failure of brittle and ductile failures are Glass and mild steel respectively.

What are the chemical properties of concrete?

Chemical Properties of Cement

  • Tricalcium aluminate (C3A) Low content of C3A makes the cement sulfate-resistant. ...
  • Tricalcium silicate (C3S) ...
  • Dicalcium silicate (C2S) ...
  • Ferrite (C4AF) ...
  • Magnesia (MgO) ...
  • Sulphur trioxide. ...
  • Iron oxide/ Ferric oxide. ...
  • Alkalis.

What are the properties of good cement?

The physical properties of good cement are based on:

  • Fineness of cement.
  • Soundness.
  • Consistency.
  • Strength.
  • Setting time.
  • Heat of hydration.
  • Loss of ignition.
  • Bulk density.

What are the durability properties of concrete?

Durability of concrete may be defined as the ability of concrete to resist weathering action, chemical attack, and abrasion while maintaining its desired engineering properties.