How many cubic yards of concrete do I need?

How many cubic yards of concrete do I need?

Multiply the width times the length times the height (W × L × H), or use our volume calculator to find the cubic feet. Convert the volume to cubic yards from cubic feet. To do so, divide the cubic footage by 27 to get the yards of concrete needed.

Do I need rebar for small concrete slab?

You do not need rebar for any slab if you make it thick enough and space the joints properly. Rebar in jointed pavement is there to counter the cupping effect of thermal expansion. I always recommend the use of rebar or at least rewire. Any concrete slab can crack.

Can you use wire mesh in concrete slab?

Using wire mesh is a common method to reinforce poured concrete. The wire mesh makes a square grid pattern which is laid down before the concrete gets poured. The wire mesh is usually one layer of a two-dimensional grid that runs along the length and width of the poured concrete, but not the height.

How do you keep wire mesh on concrete slab?

Spread the concrete with a concrete rake or spade, covering the mesh with the material. The supports, either the stone blocks or the plastic chairs, will keep the mesh in place at the height of the tops of the stones or chairs in the center of the slab, preventing it from sinking to the base of the foundation.

What temperature can you pour a concrete slab?

Experts agree—the best temperature to pour concrete is between 40° – 60°F. When temperatures dip below 40°F, the chemical reactions that strengthen concrete slow down and can lead to weaker concrete.