What is a concrete zip strip?

What is a concrete zip strip?

Zip Strip is a rigid polystyrene "T" shaped strip. The horizontal portion of the "T" is removable. The top portion of the "T" provides stiffness so the strip can be placed into the wet surface of a concrete slab in a straight line.

How do you pour concrete expansion joints?

The easiest way to add expansion joints is to do it during the pouring of your cement slab. As you finish pouring each section of your driveway, slip an expansion joint into the form between the section you've just poured and the section you are about to pour.

What is a slip joint in concrete?

Slip joint is then installed in the junctions of brickwork and concrete to allow for low friction movement between differing materials due to expansion and contraction therefore preventing cracking of the bricks or mortar. Each piece is taped together to make handling and placement easier on site.

How do you attach concrete to concrete?

  1. Drill 5/8-inch diameter holes six inches deep into the old concrete. ...
  2. Flush the holes with water.
  3. Inject epoxy into the backs of the holes. ...
  4. Insert 12-inch lengths of rebar into the holes, twisting them to ensure an even coating of epoxy around their circumferences and along their lengths within the holes.

Can you pour concrete on existing concrete?

If done properly, new concrete can often be poured right over an existing slab. ... For this to be feasible, the contractor needs to pour at least 2 inches thick, use smaller aggregate, and incorporate reinforcement such as welded wire mesh or fiber mixed into the concrete.