Can you use Zinsser primer on concrete?

Can you use Zinsser primer on concrete?

Zinsser® Concrete Ultimate Bonding Primer is a premium primer/bonder with excellent top coat adhesion, designed for use over previously coated garage and interior concrete floors. No sanding, stripping or grinding is required. The coated floor must be clean and properly adhered prior to priming.

Is Zinsser owned by rustoleum?

It holds the #1 brand recognition and market share position in the U.S. and Canada for small-project paints. Leading Rust-Oleum brands include Stops Rust, High Performance, Painter's Touch, Krud Kutter, Universal, EpoxyShield, Varathane, Zinsser, RockSolid, MultiSpec, Testors, Modern Masters and Watco.

What is Zinsser 123 used for?

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 2 gal. Water Based White Primer and Sealer provides excellent adhesion to glossy surfaces without sanding. It's great for interior and exterior surfaces. Outstanding low VOC and low odor formula is designed to resist blistering, peeling and mold and mildew growth.

What is the difference between Zinsser 123 and 123 plus?

Premium Member. After reading both TDS', the original 123 is a styrenated acrylic resin, where the 123 plus is a "modified" acrylic resin.

Is Zinsser 123 waterproof?

It dries to a smooth, tight, water-resistant film that is perfect for painting iron railings, steel doors, metal panels, duct work, galvanised gutters - any interior or exterior metal surface. Bulls Eye® 1-2-3 is our classic universal interior and exterior, water-based, primer-sealer.

Which is better Kilz or Zinsser?

When applied to two different walls in the same space, two coats each, Original Kilz Primer allowed more bleed-through, while Zinsser provided better coverage. However, Kilz Premium is a high-hiding formula, with a whiter, thicker consistency for superb opacity.

Is Zinsser primer good?

Absolute best stuff for painting over laminate, Formica, old wood that stains thru paint. This is wonderful primer, dries fast and very hard. I used it to paint over a formica desktop.

Is Zinsser primer really thick?

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 has a very thick consistency. Admittedly, some people don't like this characteristic because they feel that the primer is more difficult to brush out. This is true.

How long does it take Zinsser oil based primer to dry?

30 minutes

How long does it take Zinsser primer to dry?

Dry Time– In most cases B-I-N® will dry to the touch in 20 minutes and can be recoated in 45 minutes. The dry primer film develops full adhesion after it cures in 1 to 3 days.

Why can't you use TSP with Zinsser primer?

In doing an house where there had been heavy, heavy smoking (the nicotine was running off the walls) I emailed the Zinsser site asking why they do not recommend washing the walls with TSP first. Their reply was that the TSP could leave a residue that made the primer less effective.

Can you use water-based paint over Zinsser BIN Primer?

Zinsser's primers (BIN, 123 and Cover Stain) all say in their technical docs that they can be painted over with any water-based or solvent-based topcoat.

Can I paint over Zinsser Perma white?

Perma-White® will adhere to gloss or semi-gloss paints, existing wallcoverings, ceramic tile and similar glossy surfaces without prior sanding.

Does Zinsser primer kill mold?

Zinsser Mold Killing Primer is a water-based EPA registered fungicidal protective coating that can be used to paint over and kill all existing mold, mildew, moss, fungi, odor causing bacteria and any other fungal organisms.

How many coats of bin primer do I need?

one coat

Can I emulsion over Zinsser BIN?

Re: Painting over Zinsser B I N I cover any stains first, then do the rest of the prep, then the Stain Block is ready for the first coat of emulsion.

Can Shellac be used as a primer?

Shellac primer works well enough under most circumstances, but also has the virtue of being the main primer for use over previously stained wood. Without shellac, you will need to remove that stain before you refinish the wood.

Which is better oil based primer or water based primer?

Pro tip: Slower-drying oil-based primers, such as an enamel undercoat primer, provide better adhesion and are easier to sand than water-based primers. Water-based primer is likely to raise the grain of the wood and require more sanding before you apply the topcoat.

Is Zinsser BIN Primer thin?

Bin is excellent for what it is good for- stain sealing, odor sealing and quick spot priming. Spread thin and work quick- it dries very fast.

What is the difference between shellac and oil based primer?

The shellac based primer is the most durable and provides the best adhesion. ... Oil based primer is great for raw wood and mdf, where water based primer may cause swelling or stain to bleed through. The durability and easy of clean up is between water based and shellac based painting primers.

When should you use an oil based primer?

Oil-based primers are ideal for interior and exterior unfinished or bare wood because they seal the porous surface of wood, enabling the coat of paint to better cover the surface. They stop tannins, released from woods, such as cedar or redwood, from bleeding through the surface of the paint.

What is the difference between oil based primer and latex primer?

Latex paint is easier to work with and dries more quickly, but it isn't quite as durable as oil-based paint. Latex is good for general painting projects such as walls and ceilings. ... Use latex-based primer if you plan to use a latex paint. Oil-based primer works well with oil-based paints.