Is ballast the same as aggregate?

Is ballast the same as aggregate?

Coarse aggregate or “ballast” is a primary component. This is added to cement that binds the aggregate particles together. Water and any additional additives are also used to create the final mixture ready for pouring. ... As the amount and consistency of ballast is altered, the concrete produced varies in strength.

What is class A concrete?

Class A concrete shall be used for concrete structures, either reinforced or non-reinforced, and for concrete pavements. Class B concrete may be used for curbs, gutters and sidewalks.

What is a Class 2 concrete finish?

Class 2 is that which will be specified for most good quality architectural precast concrete. A Class 2 finish is intended for external and internal façades that can be viewed in detail. A Class 2 finish is a high quality finish requiring very substantial input by the designer and the precaster.

What is Class D concrete used for?

Class DT concrete may be used for deck resurfacing and repairs. Class HT may be substituted for Class DT concrete. Additional requirements are: An approved water reducing admixture shall be incorporated in the mix. The concrete mix shall consist of a minimum 50 percent AASHTO M 43 size No.

What is the strength of Class B concrete?

Note 7: Retest limit for non-pay-adjustment roadway and structural items requiring the use of Class B, white concrete, shall be 3000 psi.

What is HP concrete?

HP Concrete is a very fast setting concrete that reaches 2800 psi and fully cured in 2 hours. ... HP Concrete can be used on highway bridge decks, concrete slabs on grade, airport runways, parking decks, and elevated concrete slabs.

What is high performance concrete used for?

High-performance concrete has been primarily used in the construction of tunnels, bridges, pavements, high rise building structures because of its strength, durability, and high modulus of elasticity.

What is the difference between normal and high strength concrete?

The compressive strength of normal concrete is between 20 and 40 MPa. The strength of high strength concrete is above 40 MPa. The high strength concrete has compressive strength between 40 and 140 MPa which is discussed in this article. As time goes the difference between normal and high strength concrete also changes.