What does construction mean in Latin?

What does construction mean in Latin?


What kind of word is construction?

noun. the act or art of constructing. the way in which a thing is constructed: a building of solid construction. something that is constructed; a structure.

What mean by construction?

The definition of construction is the process of making something, the occupation of building or the way that something is put together. ... An example of construction is the art of making homes and businesses. An example of construction is how a sentence is put together using words.

What is the root word for accidentally?

late 14c., "non-essentially," also "unnaturally," from accidental (adj.) + -ly (2). Meaning "unintentionally" is recorded from 1580s; phrase accidentally on purpose is recorded from 1799.

What does fortuitously mean?

1 : occurring by chance. 2a : fortunate, lucky from a cost standpoint, the company's timing is fortuitous — Business Week. b : coming or happening by a lucky chance belted down the stairs, and there was a fortuitous train— Doris Lessing.

What does occasionally mean?

occasionally(Adverb) From time to time; now and then; once in a while; irregularly.

What type of word is occasionally?

adjective. occurring or appearing at irregular or infrequent intervals; occurring now and then: an occasional headache.

How do you use occasionally?

Occasionally he glanced behind him, as if searching for someone, or something, that might be watching. Occasionally he would stand and bark. Occasionally I climbed and shook the trees. Lopukhin and the old general occasionally took part in the conversation.

How often does occasionally mean?

occasionally typically means midway between "three to six times a year" and "about once or twice a month"; and very often typically means "about once a week." One can see in the table that the difference in definition by topic, for each category, is roughly a full point on the rating scale.

Which is more occasionally vs rarely?

As adverbs the difference between occasionally and rarely is that occasionally is from time to time; now and then; once in a while; irregularly; at infrequent intervals while rarely is not occurring at a regular interval; seldom; not often.

Is occasionally more than sometimes?

So, “occasionally” is not the same as “sometimes”. It is less thansometimes” but more than “never” or “rarely”.

How often is stir occasionally?

You get the point. If your stew is going to cook for several hours or even all day, “occasionally” could get stretched out to every 20 minutes to an hour. Frequently: Pretend that you are sauteing some veggies over medium to medium high heat. You step away to read your recipe; you stir your veggies./span>

Should you stir while reducing?

DO stir frequently when solids are added to a liquid. DO stir occasionally when thickening sauces by reduction./span>

Why do we only stir in one direction?

So if you gently swirl your delicate sauce in one direction only, you are keeping it in motion without the undue agitation of reversing the direction. An experiment is to try scrambling an egg by stirring it with a single chopstick from the minute the egg hits the pan. It's not the direction, but the technique.

Why do we stir?

There are a few reasons you stir food: to keep it moving in the pan, promoting even cooking and preventing burning (think scrambled eggs and stir fries) to emulsify ingredients into one homogenous, smooth liquid (as in sauces and gravies); and to combine ingredients, and create uniform flavor dispersal./span>

What does it mean to stir someone?

[phrasal verb] 1. stir up (someone) or stir (someone) up : to cause (someone) to feel a strong emotion and a desire to do something.

Why is it necessary to stir the mixtures?

1. STIRRING: It is important to stir the water and ice mixture to ensure that the temperature through out the water is uniform. Not stirring the ice and water mixture causes the final temperature to be too warm and gives an experimental value of the Latent Heat of Fusion that is too low. 2.

Why do we stir paints?

To mix the binders and pigments throughly. Separation is common in paint as it sits, stirring blends all the components together so that when you put it on the surface, it all behaves properly. Too much binder will give you thin coverage, and too much pigment can cause the product to fail./span>

What happens if you don't stir paint?

If you don't, every hole, ridge, crack, or bump will be extra visible with a coat of paint on it. A good paint job is all about the prep work./span>

What happens if you dont stir paint?

If the paint has not been mixed all the way , all of it's componants will not be blended and the true color and consistancy will not be applied. In whatever mode of application is used, most likely the first part to go on will be the oil(clearish looking fluid) then streaked color parts and separate tints.

Can I mix single pack coatings from different suppliers?

Can I mix single-lack coatings from different suppliers? No! Even when it comes to single-pack coatings, there are many types of resin or acrylic latex and widely different methods of stabilisation.

Can you flat and Polish 2K paint?

The bodyshop we used said as long as the 2k has been baked properly then flatting and polishing after a day or so is fine./span>

What does two pack paint mean?

2 Pack Paint, or 2 Pack; Acrylic Enamel, is a paint system involving an acrylic paint melamine (Colour), and a hardener resin. When combined, these two resins result in a chemical reaction producing a hardened solution./span>

What does 2 pack mean?

2 pack should mean 1 package containing 2 items.

Is 2 pack paint dangerous?

Paints containing isocyanate are used extensively in MVR as almost all motor vehicle repair bodyshops use 2-pack or "2K" isocyanate-containing paints. ... This spray mist containing isocyanate may also worsen existing asthma. Once people are affected even very low exposure levels can trigger an attack./span>

Can I spray 2k over acrylic?

Yes you can spray 2k over Acrylic, with four main considerations. No 2k topcoat i know of will adhere to acrylic no matter how it is prepped, so you must coat the whole car in 2k primer first. Not all 2k primers are suitable over Acrylic./span>